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Wholly Science Methods : Galactic Day Astrology Calculator

Below, you can select the date for which you want its Tzol’kin Glyph and Tone to be calculated. After this calculation, this Glyph and Tone Stamp will be shown below, along with a brief explanation for both.

According to the authentic Tzol’kin Astrology, which is referred to within Wholly Science as “Galactic Day Astrology”, each next Glyph and Tone start at the moment of sunrise. Therefore, enter the date of the previous day when the corresponding time lies between midnight and this sunrise. Please note that this authentic Tzol’kin calendar has nothing to do with the fanciful ego-based calendar to which the name “Dreamspell” was given. Do you want to know more about this, then check out this video.



PLEASE NOTE: Strangely enough, this calculator does not work in the same way via every web browser. Why this is the case remains a mystery. Therefore, always first check whether the above calculator works correctly via your web browser. To do so, enter the date of 14 May 2020. If the result is twice a 1 (so Glyph 1 and Tone 1), then this calculator works correctly, and you can also use it for other dates. If not, then use this calculator.

Through a personal consultation, Johan Oldenkamp can further interpret this outcome. Another possibility is of course self-study. For this, you can read the eboek Galactic Day Astrology.

This Wholly Science calculator, developed by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Dutch.

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