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Apokalypsis Decoded

On the Esoteric Meaning of the Book of Revelation

Apokalypsis Decoded

Pateo, ISBN 978-94-90765-50-7, 1st Digital Edition (2019/07/10), 164 pages
2nd Digital Edition (2020/06/10), 168 pages

Of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation is by far the most discussed, but also the least understood. Actually, until now, its true meaning has never been published before. Thanks to his understanding of Wholly Science, all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp succeeded in completely explaining the Esoteric meaning of this apocalyptic book. In an exact and consistent way, he unambiguously explains every little detail of this remarkable text in his fiftieth book: Apokalysis Decoded.

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Any Wholly Science student who enters Level 5 receives this ebook without any additional payment.


This ebook is also available in Dutch.

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