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Christian Truth

On how to study the Bible

Christian Truth : On how to study the Bible

Pateo, ISBN 978-94-90765-33-7, 2nd Digital Edition (2022/05/04), 1st Digital Edition (2021/09/08), 70 pages

Society had already become more and more godless. But to make matters worse, in 2020 a diabolical group of conspirators embarked on a global coup. Fortunately, everything has a flip side, and so this disadvantageous situation also offers advantages. On the positive side, no one can hide any longer, because this situation forces each of us to think for ourselves about what is true and what is not. Those who continue to rely on the judgment of others will pay the ultimate price.

Moreover, the hunger for power of the global tyrants will never be satisfied because it will always leave them with a taste for more. They have already taken the proverbial finger and now want the whole hand. And even with a whole hand it will not last. The ultimate goal of this covert and global coup d’état is to acquire complete control over everyone’s outer and inner behavior.

All this is at odds with the role that is intended for each human as the crown on God’s Creation. Now more than ever, we need to learn to properly study the Bible as the Word of God. You will not find that right way in any religion or movement within it. This book on Christian Truth not only explains why this is so, but also explains how to properly study the Bible. And that starts by not believing a single word of it!

Stop believing, start Knowing

If you feel that this plandemic is forcing you to approach closer to God, then read this book so that you know exactly what to do. My first baptismal name is Johannes (from Ioannes in transliterated Greek, which became John in English), and God has indeed been gracious to me by letting me find the Way so that I can show it to my fellow humans. But I strongly urge you not to become a follower of mine. Hopefully, thanks to my help, you can find your own way. And together in our own ways, we can help each other not to get out of our way, because the global control freaks have concocted many more diabolical plans. This was only the beginning of much more insanity.

Repent now to the True Way. The longer you wait with this, the harder it will be for you to break free from the old. I promise you that the New will bring you closer to God. And that is ultimately all that matters in this earthly school of our physical existence.


Every Wholly Science student can request the first chapter of this revealing book, free of charge, by sending an email message to Webshop @ Pateo.NL (without spaces) with the subject 'request Christian Truth Chapter 1'. It also explains the procedure for obtaining each subsequent chapter. For example, to receive the second chapter, five multiple choice questions must be answered correctly. This is necessary to prevent swine from turning their noses at these pearls.

The right way is up

This book is also available in Dutch.

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