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Climbing The Mountain

On The Testifying Travelogue

Climbing The Mountain : On The Testifying Travelogue

Pateo, ISBN 978-94-90765-34-1, 1st Digital Edition (2021/10/20), 27 pages

We can compare spiritual development with mountain climbing. It requires a lot of effort, and the higher we go, the more difficult it becomes. However, while climbing a mountain we are hindered by all kinds of external factors, spiritual development is hampered by internal factors. These impediments are in fact within ourselves.

The Wholly Science Education Program has been developed to enable us to first recognize and then overcome the inner obstacles. Only Wholly Science students from Level 4 who frequently participate in weekly study group meetings can order this book to take the step up to Level 5 on the basis of the assignments described therein.


Wholly Science students who meet the above conditions can order this ebook for € 50 (or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency). The chapters of this ebook are delivered one by one, each time after the assignment of the previous chapter has been completed.


The first expedition to the top of this “mountain” will start on 9 January 2022. In preparation for the first climbing stage, participants can order the first chapter of this e-book to ensure that the first assignment described therein is completed before the first online climbing team meeting is held. Anyone who fails to complete an assignment in time will be ejected out of the climbing team, and will have to wait for the next expedition.

This book is also available in Dutch.

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