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Bible Study with John the Scraptist

Bible Study

with John the Scraptist


Welcome to the video series about Bible Study with John the Scraptist. Do not watch the third episode until you have seen both previous ones.

Episode 3. Pharisees

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Now read in your bible the second chapter of Luke from verse 41. Imagine this being a genuine historical description. What is by far the most incredible thing in this story? That only after 3 days, Joseph and Mary had a look in the temple? No! Most unbelievably, Pharisees would see a 12-year-old boy as their equal. In reality, believers are not at all open to unbiased truth-finding. Believers are only looking for confirmation of their beliefs. Whoever has a different interpretation is traditionally put to death as a heretic, preferably by stoning or burning at the stake.

However, this Gospel tells us that the audience was very astonished at what the child was saying. How realistic is this? Amazement in response to a blasphemous brat? Even more, listening to him for three entire days? Besides, without notifying his parents? Next, the little laddie talked back to his mother and subtly pointed out that Joseph was not his real father. Could nowadays even a child in the freest family say such a thing? After having been missing for three days?

No of course not! The problem with Christianity is that all of these stories are taken literally, even if they make no sense at all. However, the real purpose of these stories is that the reader or listener starts to search for the deeper, underlying Truth. He who has ears, let him hear! Time and again this is written along with it, and yet not one Christian hears what is really meant.

Those who will not hear, must feel. Do you also feel that our godless society is definitely heading in the wrong direction? Do you also feel that what is unfolding now is clearly a collective tribulation? Do you also feel that something needs to be done now? That was no different two millennia ago! Evangelism originated because the Pharisees took the old scrolls literally. They pretended to be pious, but these hypocrites did not serve God at all. The books of the New Testament are therefore written in addition to those of the Old Testament.

If you cannot beat them, join them. Thus, underground Evangelism was ultimately hijacked and became aboveground Christianity. This has been done by the global control freaks who later settled in the Vatican. And despite all the divisions from the Reformation on, there is not one Christian Denomination today where the Word of God is really heard.

The Pharisees of that time understood nothing at all. That is emphasized over and over in the New Testament. And this misunderstanding applies equally to all believers today, starting with the Christians, who together form the largest religion. After all, not one of them has ears to hear. Because those who do, would not call themselves Christian.

Are you open-minded enough to learn the Truth of God? If so, then study the authentic Bible texts by not believing a single word of it. Read every unbelievable story over and over again, until you have found its underlying meaning. That is the only way to get to know the Truth of God. As this is genuine Bible Study! Therefore, detach yourself from Christianity today, because in it, you will not find the Way.

Christians believe they would get to heaven after this life. This is one of the greatest lies in Christianity. Whoever wants to go to a higher heaven must realize this before dying! Therefore, stop wasting your precious life time any longer and repent as soon as possible with the help of the Word of God.

Unlike John the Baptist, John the Scraptist scraps anything that prevents our understanding of Gods Truth! John the Scraptist is an alias of all-round researcher Johannes H. Oldenkamp, PhD. In 2016, he started to study the Bible texts in depth, word-for-word. Ever since, he shares his findings twice a month with the subscribers of Wholly Scripture TV. Preferably contact him by e-mail.

This episode of Bible Study with John the Scraptist is also available in German and Dutch.

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