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Are you ready for the Whole Truth?


If you still believe in unbiased reporting by the mainstream media, then please move along. Nevertheless, feel free to return whenever your eyes are opened.

Let me start by not only welcoming you, but also by congratulating you for no longer blindly accepting mainstream propaganda. However, seeing through the mainstream lies is only the first step in developing your consciousness. Actually, this first step is quite easy, compared to the ones remaining. After waking up from the mainstream hypnosis, we all get lost in the maze of alternative “truths”, which are mostly lies as well. Instead of trying to find the exit to this labyrinth of fantasies, misconceptions, and even deliberate disinformation, most self-proclaimed “truthers” rather settle for adopting one alternative view on the matter. Next, they do not dare to investigate the truthfulness of this adopted point of view. They only look for confirmation.

Only if you dare to question everything, then you will eventually discover the Whole Truth. Perhaps you might now think that you have already found this. But why then are you watching this video and reading this article?

My name is Johan Oldenkamp. And I can help you find the Whole Truth. Why me? First, I have the brains and skills for it. And for over ten years now, I have done full-time research to solve this life puzzle. Through online presentations like this one, I explain not only how to exit the maze, but also its function. And this has everything to do with you experiencing this life of yours. Everything always happens for a reason.

Are you ready for Wholly Science? Wholly Science is the Reviving Reunion of Sane Science and Sound Spirituality. To study Wholly Science, you need to start afresh from scratch, just like I did.

The above video was recorded on Friday morning 2018 April 20.

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