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COVID19 is a live exercise!


The documentary embedded below puts the finger exactly at the right spot. Why were all these exorbitant measures taken while in reality nothing really threatening was and is going on? Why was this fake pandemic planned in so much detail and on such a large scale? The correct answer to these questions revealed in this documentary is indeed that this COVID19 plandemic is just a live exercise, preparing both conspirators and victims for the upcoming real pandemic!

(In case you cannot see the above embedded video due to your web browser’s limitations, then watch it directly on Bitchute.)

The goal of the perpetrators is out in the open for several centuries now. They want full control over everything and everyone on this exceptional planet. They named this global control state the “New World Order”. Because they use (or better: abuse) the USA as a guinea pig for their social (or better: anti-social) reengineering, they wrote their goal in Latin (a dead language) on the back side (meaning: the dark side) of each USA 1$ bill since 1963.

“They?”, you might ask. “Who are they?” In this documentary, they are referred to as the 1% of the 1% ultra-rich. This conspiring group of less than one million extremely rich people, organized via a interconnected hierarchy of several international organizations (actually interest groups), not only wants to fully control the remaining 7,799 million people, as this group of global control freaks aims to ultimately eliminate 95% of these “poor people”. That part of their plan is also carved in stone at a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, USA, erected in 1980 (on 3/22). By the way, what number is used in the logo of Skull and Bones (a secret society of senior students at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)? And what about Genesis 3:22?

If you still believe in coincidence, then you have not yet succeeded in breaking free from the mind control program that was rolled out alongside with the home invasion of television, which started half way the previous century. Next, internet-based “smart” technologies facilitated even stronger mind control programs. For example, what ignorant, mind-controlled people refer to as “coincidence” is in fact ‘not-understood dynamics’. Therefore, question everything, and make sure to rebuild your “house” on rock!

Having said this, I must warn you for the maker of this excellent documentary. Do not conclude from it, that he would be awake on all other subjects as well, as that is not true. It was namely him who came up with the diversion of the pancake planet. Among the most used tactics of the global control freaks is ‘divide and conquer’. The pancake planet proposition caused a split-off within those who awakened from mainstream manipulation. That is unforgivable, no matter how many excellent documentaries he produces.

Speaking of ‘divide and conquer’, what is your take on ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) and Antifa (the anti-fascist political movement)? Please understand that the regular system is corrupt in all possible ways. Trying to fight this system only makes it stronger. Therefore, there is but one solution, and that is to break free from it (and stop feeding it). “How?” By upgrading your consciousness! However, you cannot do this without structural help. That help is offered to you by Wholly Science. So, what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, anyone who still thinks that the current USA president D.J. Trump (1946) is on our side, is clearly delusional. All politicians are betraying actors, as they have sold their souls to devil, just like all other public puppets who serve the global control freaks. The only exceptions are the leaders of countries that are not yet fully controlled by the powers-that-should-not-be. A recent example of this we can see in the colored reporting by the Western mainstream media of the Presidential elections in Belarus of last month. Clearly, Alexander Lukashenko (1954) was not the favorite of the global control freaks. If you understand the agenda behind the biased news reporting by the mainstream media, then analyzing their propaganda becomes rather straightforward.

So, keep you eyes wide open. But do not forget to first upgrade your understanding of it all. Good luck with that!

This news article was written on Friday, September 4, 2020, by Johan Oldenkamp.

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