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David Bohmís Quest for Coincidence-free Physics


David Bohm (1917 Ė 1992) was a theoretical physicist who really wanted to understand the origin of the physical reality. The makers of the documentary titled Infinite Potential, as embedded below, deserve credit for honoring David Bohmís life work.

However, these makers were clearly not yet scientifically awake, as both Albert Einstein (1879 Ė 1955) and Robert Oppenheimer (1904 Ė 1967) were corrupt Zionist poppet scientists. The latter contrived the atomic bomb hoax, while the former deliberately directed theoretical physics into the land of dogmatic falsehoods. Unlike Einstein and Oppenheimer, Bohm was not a Zionist, even though his parents were Yehudi believers. As David Bohm was thinking in the correct scientific direction, he is mentioned on PateoPedia as a Wayshower. With the help of the all-encompassing paradigm of Wholly Science, he would surely have been able to complete his quest for coincidence-free physics. Maybe you are able to do this? If so, then contact us.

Available in Dutch: a magazine article (starting at page 17), and a webpage.

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