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How do you get to the truth?

For each of us, it starts (or started) with the staggering discovery that what you always thought of as being true turned out to be not true at all. If you have not yet had this severe shock, then you have come to this website too early. In that case, come back after your current worldview, or part of it, has collapsed.

What is true?

We, the ‘awakened’ ones, know that far too many official truths are demonstrably false. But then? How do you proceed form there? Sooner or later you will find an alternative view. And because often first the official truth becomes unmasked as a lie, something that you have already discovered yourself, you tend to immediately accept that alternative view with no further questions asked. And because of this tendency, the internet is stuffed with alternative views which, unfortunately, are neither true. We are even deliberately played by being fed with alternatives that exactly match our already accepted beliefs, while also these beliefs were founded on false assumptions.

So, what can we do? There is only one approach that really works, and that requires us to start again from scratch. That is because we need to build our “house” on a rock-solid foundation, and most certainly not on sand. This “house” is a metaphor for our understanding, regardless of what. Building such a rock-solid “house” is a lot of work. First of all, every single step in our mental construction must be individually verified, and that is only the case when it is based on irrefutable facts or unshakable logic.

However, most people are incapable of logical reasoning, because they never really learned Formal Logic. In ancient times, this was one of the three basic subjects, but nowadays even so-called highly educated people shamelessly make the most basic reasoning errors. In addition, the people who were already not so clever, or mentally too lazy, gladly embraced the advise to base all decisions and conclusions merely on feeling. It is indeed true that we can build beautiful “houses” solely based on our feeling, but do not expect such feeling-based “houses” to be stormproof.

Do you fully understand the above, and are you also building your “house” on rock, then I invite you to start cooperating with me. We will then build modularly together, as that works much faster. In this way, each of us then creates modules that are completely factual and logical, based on completed research of a subject. Next, we publish these reusable Truth Blocks on the PateoPedia, so that others can also use them for their building.

You probably already are doing research on what is true or not true (for example in the field of journalism or science). It is only a pity that we do this in isolation, and that we can hardly make use of each other’s findings. By making our research results available in a compact and unambiguous way via the PateoPedia, we can finally start to make real progress. If you think of this as a good idea, and you would like to participate, then please contact me, as I have already begun doing so.


This article, originally written on Friday, October 27, 2017, by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in German, Italian, and Dutch.

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