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Kim Jong-un: Supreme Mocker or Mad Dictator?


Western mainstream media prefers to depict Kim Jong-un (1984 January 8), the current supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly referred to as ‘North Korea’, as a Mad Dictator. However, these controlled news media of the West also “forgot” to inform us about the Atomic Bomb Hoax that is going on now for over 70 years. Clearly, Kim Jong-un knows all about this hoax, and in order to mock the military leadership of the USA and their allies, he also produced a counterfeit nuclear explosion on Sunday 2017 September 3. That is why no Western mainstream media showed any real footage of this alleged “thermonuclear hydrogen bomb”. Therefore, this is clearly fake news. The image on the right-hand side is a screenshot from a South Korean television broadcast. This southern half of the Korean peninsula is officially named the Republic of Korea.

North Korean Fake H-Bomb (2017)

An alternative reading of this sham explosion is that also Kim Jong-un is a puppet of the Global Control Freaks, just like Donald Trump, as any major war requires an “evil” dictator gone mad, or at least someone depicted as such. This trick worked with Adolf Hitler. Will it work again?

This short news item was written on 2017 September 4 by Johan Oldenkamp.

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