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In order to counter the often unilateral and sometimes even manipulated news presentations by the mainstream media, the alternative media emerged. We can also refer to the mainstream media as the “old media”, and to the alternative media as the “new media”. Unfortunately, however, many of the new media are at least as misleading and manipulative as the old media, so we need to stay extremely critical of both groups of media.

Fortunately, there are now handy overview web pages where the most recent headlines of several news feeds can be quickly scrolled through. And next, if you next want to go to the corresponding news article, then all you need to do is to click on it. This convenient and free internet service is offered to you by Pateo.NL. Click on the image to the above left-hand side for the mainstream media news feeds overview, and on the image to the above right-hand side for the the alternative media news feeds overview. In order to quickly find these web pages again in the (near) future, you might want to bookmark the locations of these news feeds overview web pages in your internet browser.

The technical name of such a news feed is RSS feed. This abbreviation mostly means ‘Really Simple Syndication’, as it allows to access online content via a standardized format.


This article, written on Saturday morning, Oktober 7, 2017, by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Dutch.

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