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Proof of Trickery and Deceit in the COVID-19 Information War


This article is about the pandemic which has been named Corona Virus Disease 2019, or COVID-19 for short. In Italy, some physicians went against the UN’s World Health Organization directive to not perform autopsy on deceased persons who have been designated as COVID-19 patients. They found that this Corona disease was not a viral infection, but instead a bacterial infection. Therefore, we must rename it to Corona Bacteria Disease 2019, or COBAD-19 for short.

A biological virus consists of genetic material surrounded by a protective coat made up of protein. It requires a living cell as host, which then becomes reprogrammed to reproduce this virus. A healthy immune system detects such an intruding virus, and then learns how to deal with it. Any successful virus elimination makes the immune system stronger. That is why my mother made me play with primary school classmates who had a virus infection like measles or rubella, knowing that my immune system would welcome this exercise. Once the immune system has found the correct answer, this specific virus no longer poses a threat, as we now have become immune to it. That is why our ability to resist it is named the immune system.

Unlike a virus, which is a genetic parasite, a bacterium is a single-celled organism. As bacteria are thus many times larger than viruses, it is more obvious to the immune system what to do in case of bacterial infections. All we must do to support this is to ensure that the immune system can deploy the appropriate substances. We do this by eating healthy and varied food, currently supplemented with the required vitamins and minerals (because of the low nutritional quality of our common supermarket food).

The ability to become or remain healthy depends on the strength of our immune system. This forms the basis for natural healthiness, which works inside out. However, the “health” care business has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical industry. This business therefore promotes artificial healthiness, which works outside in. The main problem with this artificial approach is that it makes people dependent, while people remain independent when they stick to the natural approach. That is why the customers of the pharmacy-infected “health” care business are named ‘patients’, as they now must patiently await the effect of whatever their suppliers have sold them.

The current situation is even worse, because our corrupt governments have not only monopolized the artificial “health” care business, they also have criminalized all natural health fostering approaches that are considered to pose a threat to this monopoly. Ever since, the pharmacy-infected “health” care business is booming, meaning that the revenues keep on growing, and so do the number and loyalty of the customers (or should I say ‘victims’).

Now let us turn to the issue of vaccination. I will not even address the (lack of) safety and effectiveness of injecting an alleged vaccine into a non-ill human being. I am simply asking if this is natural or artificial? Suppose your child has to take a school test, and you do this test instead. How will this prepare your child for the next test, or even for life after school? By depriving your child of this opportunity, you have also made your descendant dependent. So, what you thought of as providing a good service, turned out to be actually disadvantaging your child. The true problem therefore lies in our way of thinking. I call this: The Paradigm Challenge.

The old paradigm has brought us to where we are today. But we are now running ever harder against its limitations. In fact, the old paradigm has become obsolete. Fortunately, the contours of the new paradigm have already crystallized. Its name is Wholly Science. For more on this, read a small ebook (available in several languages).

Anyway, let us come back to the proclaimed pandemic, of which we are now in its aftermath. The enormous amount of very detailed information on a special section of the World Economic Forum website proves that this is in fact a planned pandemic, or ‘plandemic’ for short, as it must have required many decades to create it. This plandemic has been directed by the World “Health” Organization, largely funded by a private foundation. The covert agenda behind this plandemic is to make this world a better place, but only for the ultra-rich.

Thanks to the brave Italian physicians, we now know what this Corona Bacteria Disease 2019 (COBAD-19) really is, namely a kind of thrombosis. Its correct diagnosis is “disseminated intravascular coagulation”. These Corona bacteria slow down the blood flow, resulting in reduced oxygen intake. As overweight people and people of old age already have a decreased blood flow, mortality is highest among these target groups.

What is required is a correct diagnosis plus an effective approach to take care of this. A healthy immune system has the natural intelligence to adequately deal with this. However, the problem in our industrialized and ultra-hygienic world is that most people have a poorly functioning immune system. On top of that, most of us have become dependent on pharmaceuticals. To enable these drug addicts to break free from their dependency, we need a completely new approach based on the new paradigm. In a broader sense, we all need this new paradigm (of Wholly Science) to enable ourselves to break free from the all the corrupt top-down systems produced by the old paradigm, such as the corrupt governments, the corrupted legal system, the corrupted “science”, the corrupted “heath” care, and the corrupted mainstream media.

Wholly Science offers us a natural approach to unbiased science and independent health fostering, both bottom-up. It also provides us the principles upon we can develop a new society from the bottom up based on honesty, transparency, and stability. Are you ready to embrace and apply this new paradigm to everything in your reality?

This news item was written on Friday 2020 May 29 by all-round scientist Johan Oldenkamp, the founder of Wholly Science.

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