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Social Media Censorship has become Orwellian


If you want to understand the hidden agenda behind the bigger picture of what is going on, then you must read the novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (or 1984). Its manuscript was finished in 1948 (or ’48) by Eric Arthur Blair (1903 June 25 – 1950 January 21), an English journalist who used George Orwell as his pen name. In this classic novel, he described the inhumanity of totalitarianism. By reversing ’48 into ’84, this critic pinpointed to a then not so distant future. That horrific future is now manifesting itself every day a little bit more, that is if you have eyes to see.

The approach used to realize an oppressing regime that demands total control is based upon the so-called Boiled Frog Syndrome. While at one side civil rights are diminished and replaced by more obligations, freedom of speech is increasingly restricted on the other side. The idea of “Thought Police” is already fully operational, as this has been implemented as the “Guidelines” of social media. These “Guidelines” forbid for instance to expose “mass tragedies” as hoaxes, or to reveal the dangers of vaccination.

Once the official narrative has been contrived, all criticism now becomes forcefully suppressed. This social media censorship has been applied to my videos, now for the second time. It concerns two episodes of Pateo TV:

At first, these videos were banned by YouTube. Next, I reuploaded them to Vimeo. Today, without any prior warming, Vimeo decided to not only ban these videos as well, but to also remove the entire account with immediate effect. This was communicated to me by a coward who does not dare to show his last name, Jordan T., of “Vimeo Trust & Safety”. And next, Vimeo even tried to taunt me by asking how I would rate the “support” received. Anyway, this clearly demonstrates the true purpose of “social media”, which is to control the “truth”, as the online “Thought Police”. Therefore, we must rename it as “social control media”.

So, what to do? It might be best to completely stop using these social control media. And if you can recommend a video hosting platform that still honors freedom of speech, then please contact me. In the meanwhile, check out the Alternative Media News Feeds from Pateo.NL.

This news item was written on Friday 2020 June 26 by Johan Oldenkamp.

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