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Myth Busting

Pateo TV

Pateo TV, Ep. 5

In this fifth live online broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp busted the most persistent myths of our time. First of all, he scientifically proved that none of the Apollo missions really went to the moon that orbits our home planet. On top of that, the director of the Apollo 11 “moon” mission later confessed this scam. Host Johan also explained this confession in full detail, as he already outlined this in a PateoPedia Paper, titled “Moon Landing Hoax Exposed”, nearly a year before this live broadcast.

Among the other myths that are busted in this episode of Pateo TV is of course the myth that real airliners flew into the Twin Towers on 2001 September 11. Because of all these crystal-clear revelations, YouTube banned this revealing video. Next, after being reuploaded to Vimeo, it there also became banned.

Please note: The audio of this recording starts after thirty seconds:

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This episode of Pateo TV is also available in Dutch.

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