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The Hidden Message of the IMF’s Managing Director

Since 2011 July 5, Christine M.O. Lagarde (1956), a French lawyer, is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Immediately after returning from a trip to Africa, she spoke at the National Press Club luncheon in Washington DC on 2014 January 15. In that speech, she gave several examples of the Numerological value of 7. The real hidden message to her fellow global control freaks that she shared via this speech was mentioning G7. She put so much stress on the number 7, that an educated listener would know that she actually meant to say “not 8 but 7”!

It was her first speech in 2014 [2+0+1+4= 7], and it was on 1/15 [1+1+5= 7]. She starts by pointing out that this year (’14) divided by the 2 at the beginning of 2014 (“when we drop the zero”) also gives a 7. If I was in her place, I would have also mentioned that counting back from 20 to 14 (both parts of 2014) takes 7 steps. Anyway, she continues by saying that in 2014, it will be the 70th [7+0=7] anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF (and the World Bank). While the Second World War was still going on, they apparently already knew who would win this war. This conference in New Hampshire, USA, was held from the 1st to 22nd of July [7], 1944. Did she also meant to say that there will be a False Flag attack between the 1st and 22nd of July, 2014?

Next, she brings up the 25th [2+5= 7] anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall (representing the victory of the West over the East, meaning Russia), which occurred on November 9, 1989. In Germany, this date is written as 9 November or 9/11. Is she now confirming that it indeed will be a False Flag attack, just like 9/11 in 2001?

Before all that, she started by mentioned the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. This war started on 1914 July 28, which is another reference to month of July, this time connected to a major war. Does she mean to say that a False Flag attack will start a the Third World War?

Then she continues: “It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters. After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile, we have seven strong years. Now, I don’t know if the G7 will have anything to do with it, or whether it will be the G20…”.

The most important hidden message lies in this part. When she delivered this speech, there was not a coming up G7 meeting scheduled, but a G8 meeting. This G8 meeting was scheduled on June 4–5, 2014 at the Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia. The Olympic Winter Games 2014 were held in the very same town, from February 7-23. While the Russian president Vladimir Putin (1952) attained these Games, the hired forces of the global control freaks overthrew the government of Ukraine, and left instead a fascist puppet regime in control. Immediately after these Games, Putin reacted by seizing control over Crimea. Next, pro-Russian separatists started to liberate Eastern Ukraine.

As Putin dared to oppose the global control freaks, Russia was kicked out of the G8, reducing it to G7. The location of their meeting of June 4-5 was changed to Brussels, Belgium. This kicking out of Russia happened on March 24, 2014. This date has the Numerological value of 7! Russia is still part of the G20, but no longer of the G7. That is why she also mentioned the G20.

Did Lagarde in the beginning of this year know that this would happen? That Russia would not allow the coup in Ukraine, and that Russia would therefore be kicked out of the G8? That a False Flag attack was supposed to end the 7 jittery years (starting with the stock market crash of 2008), and to start the 7 strong years? Do these 7 strong years result from the Third World War, just like the Second World War transformed the recession of the 1930s into the industrial boost in the 1950s (created with debt money supplied by the IMF and the World Bank, and also by the Federal Reserve)?

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This news item was originally written on July 22, 2014, by all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp.

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