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When it comes to pollution, smaller is actually worse

The Dutchman Dick van Nieuwkoop (1955) suffers from what is called Multi Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). This means that his body reacts very strongly to toxins in general and to air pollution in particular. He first noticed this during his vacation to the USA at the age of 27, because there this country seems to be at the forefront of everything. When also in the Netherlands things started to get too bad for him some time later, he had to keep his house in Almere closed with an air filter device that was permanently switched on. Subsequently, he noticed that the air pollution continued to increase, and he was forced to purchase an even more expensive air filter device each time (and we are talking about thousands of Dollars). In 2003, that was no more sufficient, and he was admitted to the University Medical Center in Utrecht in the heart of the Netherlands. In the end, he saw only one way out, and that was to emigrate to a country with significantly less air pollution, and he chose Thailand.

Because of his condition, Dick went to investigate what is actually going on. And so he discovered that air quality regulations are doing the opposite of what they are aiming for. Since the standards have become increasingly strict, the waste materials have become smaller and smaller. Euphemistically, there is talk of "particulate matter", but these are in fact poisonous gases, meaning air containing ultra-small toxic substances. The lengths of the toxic particles are currently measured in nanometers (nm), or one millionth of a millimeter (mm). With current regulations, toxins smaller than 23 nm (called: Sub-23 nm Particle Emissions) are not taken into account, so the air appears much cleaner on paper than it actually is. Governments and measurement institutes mislead the population because they ignore nano-toxins, even though they still end up in our physical body. The situation is even worse, as many small poisonous particles are more harmful than the same amount of poison in larger chunks. Our immune system can neutralize those larger poison chunks much more easily than all those tiny little ones.

If we go to the real cause of this nano-pollution, it is that the producers of substances that cannot be broken down nor recycled. If the governments were not corrupt, then the problem of pollution could be solved very easily, namely by banning the production of such chemical junk.

The toxins producers are using all the trucks they can think of to get rid of their unbreakable chemical junk. If I were to list all this here, you will probably think that I am exaggerating or maybe that I have got a few screws loose. But we just need to look at numerous trends in disease symptoms and compare them to the official definitions of toxins, especially their ever-decreasing defined minimum size, to establish the direct relationship.

In short, humanity is being poisoned more and more by smaller and smaller poisons. These tiny substances are undetectable (neither through our eyes nor through our nose), so we mistakenly believe that we live in an increasingly cleaner environment. But the reverse is usually true, namely the "cleaner" the emissions, the more nano-toxins come out in most cases. With advanced measuring equipment, this nano-pollution can clearly be demonstrated, as well as the symptoms of disease that it causes in more and more people, but the governments and the measuring institutes deliberately do not look at this. Not to mention radiation technology with increasingly higher frequencies (mainly referring to wireless data transmission), and its effects on public health.

Do you know that gruesome story about the boiling frog syndrome? Well, we are like those frogs. Our physical bodies are becoming increasingly polluted by toxic nanoparticles. There is much more to say about this, but the point I want to make with this article is that we should take whistleblowers like Dick van Nieuwkoop very seriously. If we as humanity do not stop making unbreakable chemical junk very soon, more and more people with more and more health problems will pay for this, and I am not even talking about the industry that earns particularly well from this. Or could there be a conspiracy behind this? That would be almost unthinkable! Or not? What do you think?

In the above embedded video from 2017, Italian scientists Stefano Montanari (1949) and Antonietta Gatti explain the danger of toxic (micro) nano-particles.

Furthermore, Paul Connett (1940) was a full professor in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology for 23 years at St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, USA. His presentation on Zero Waste is a must-see video:

This article was written on Monday 25 October 2021 by Johan Oldenkamp. It is also available in Dutch.

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