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The Holographic Disclosure

The documentary titled “The Holographic Disclosure” is produced by a man who names himself “Morgan Freedman”. He discovered that “The Secret” is not at all revealing the essence of the real secret. He claims that he found this essence in an ancient book on Egyptian knowledge titled “Secret Key Activator”. He also sells an e-book with the same title.

Although this is actually a rather good documentary, in contains all sorts of wrong assertions (which are most likely also in his e-book). As the information is presented in high speed, you need to be very attentive in order to not digest nonsense. To start with, all references to subatomic particles is based on the outdated model of quantum mechanics. Next, he shows no evidence of really understanding the Qabalah (and he also misspells this name). Furthermore, it shamelessly refers to the non-existing fourth dimension and other realms. This is all New Age nonsense, deliberately created to distract ignorant believers from finding out the truth about the nature of our reality, as shown by Wholly Science. However, for understanding parts of the Bigger Picture, this documentary serves rather well! Simply ignore all the scientific errors (after first studying the basics of Wholly Science).

In order to promote this documentary on the holographic disclosure, its producer (named “Secret Key Activator”) made another video titled “Secret Space, Secret Past”:

For instance, this video claims that the infamous Deluge occured on 3398 BCE November 17. This claim was originally put forth by anthropologist Jonathan Gray. However, Wholly Science shows that it actually happened in 3114 BCE, and that it was not a global flood. Also the hoax of the atomic bomb is presented as historical truth, which is absolutely impossible. However, also this video is certainly worth watching, but do not believe any word of it. As always, do your own research first.

Based on this first documentary on the holographic disclosure, its producer, who claims to be a “Freed man”, made a second documentary titled “The Unmasking”.

Next, this movieproducer made a promotional video for ‘We ~ The Skythians’.

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