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Wholly Science Methods : The Penta Gematria Calculator

Our personality originates from our lower self. Our personality is like a mortal jacket that our immortal self (our Higher Self) starts to wear from the moment we are born. Via our thoughts, feelings and sensations, we create throughout our lives in this physical reality our own reality. Wholly Science shows that the origin of everything in our reality is within ourselves. Our personality is personal interplay of perceptions, feelings and thoughts. In this interplay, usually one of these three basic functions of consciousness predominates. Thus we can divide people initially into three main groups: Thinkers, Doers and Feelers. All the Penta Gematria Calculator requires as input is the first name. In order to understand how this works, some basic knowledge on the five Energetic Essences is required:

# Essence Function
1 Aether Informing
2 Air Reversing
3 Fire Transforming
4 Water Changing
5 Earth Differentiating

The first name (the name that we use most to refer to our (lower) self) tells us exactly what Essence is dominant in our personality, because each letter in the name corresponds to an Energy Cipher, as shown the table below. The Wholly Science method of Penta Gematria then shows which Energy Cipher corresponds to the whole name.

1 a f k p u z
2 b g l q v
3 c h m r w
4 d i n s x
5 e j o t y

Enter the name below, and click the button “Calculate”:
(Enter only standard letters, and no spaces or accented letters.)


Once we know this dominant Energetic Essence of the personality, we can now easily determine whether the lower self is primarily a Thinker, a Feeler, or a Doer. The table below shows this. In most cases, the Essence of Water corresponds to a Feeler, but is some cases to a Doer.

1 Aether
2 Air
3 Fire
4 Water
5 Earth

Through personal consultation, Johan Oldenkamp can further interpret this outcome.

Another possibility is of course self-study. For this, you can read the eboek Valuing Letters - The Wholly Science Guide To Gematria.

This Gematria Calculator, developed by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Dutch.

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