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Wholly Science Methods : Stellar Year Astrology Calculator

In Stellar Year Astrology, commonly known as Nine Star Ki, each date corresponds to three ciphers. First, the full year number is converted to a Year Cipher. Next, on the basis of both the day number and the month number, the Month Cipher is calculated. Thirdly, resulting from the combination of the Year Cipher and the Month Cipher results in the thid cipher, which within Wholly Science is reffered to as the House Cipher.

Below, you can select the date for which you want these three ciphers to be calculated. Next, the results will shown below. The explanatory text is based on the assumption that the entered date is your own birth date.

Date of Birth


Date of Birth:
Year Cipher: Month Cipher: House Cipher:

Year Cipher

Individual Key Energy:

The key to harmonious living for you is:

Month Cipher

Individual Expression Energy:

The way in which you express yourself to others is:

House Cipher

Individual Character Energy:

From the strength of your character, you are:

Through a personal consultation, Johan Oldenkamp can further interpret this outcome.

Another possibility is of course self-study. For this, you can read the eboek Stellar Year Astrology.

This Wholly Science method is also available in Dutch.

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