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Jordan Maxwell a.k.a. Russell Pine

The real name of the man who named himself “Jordan Maxwell”, as an homage to disinformer Helena Blavatsky (1831 - 1891), is Russell Joseph Pine, born on 1940 December 28 in Pensacola, Florida, USA. In Blavatsky’s first book, “Isis Unveiled”, she created a character named “Jordanus Maximus”. Based on “The water of Jordanus Maximus” in that book, Pine replaced “water” by “well”, and added this to the shortened version of this name, which is “Jordan Max”, in order to come up with his pseudonym.

Disinformer Manly P. Hall was a very good friend of Pine. He was also caught on film showing a freemason handshake with disinformer Zecharia Sitchin. His website used to be: Later, it became Jordan Maxwell His most prominent follower became Michael Tsarion (1968).

Russell Pine a.k.a. Jordan Maxwell, aged 81, passed away on Wednesday 2022 March 23.

This webpage was written by Johan Oldenkamp.

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