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Pateo Radio, Ep. 69

Pateo Radio

Jay Weidner on the Moon Landing Hoax

Jay Weidner

The special guest for this live broadcast on 18 February 2014 of Pateo Radio was author and filmmaker Jay Weidner (1953). His website is Jay The perhaps most powerful and insightful documentary directed by Jay is titled “Kubrick's Odyssey”. It currently consists of two parts (a third part will be released soon). In part one of Jay’s video analysis of Kubrick’s masterpieces (of 70 minutes, from 2011), Jay convincingly shows that “The Shining” is, to a large extent, an autobiographic film. In part two (of 61 minutes, from 2012), Jay shares his interpretation of the meaning of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Jay’s documentary reveals not only the secret knowledge embedded in the films made by Stanley Kubrick (1928 – 1999), it also shows that Kubrick directed the staged moon landing of 1969. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Jay and host Johan Oldenkamp started off by talking about this moon landing hoax.

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