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Solving The JFK Case

Pateo TV

Pateo TV, Ep. 39


While the mainstream media pretends that the JFK case (which is the the alleged “murder” of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, born on 1917 May 29) was solved the very same day (by arresting Lee Harvey Oswald, born on 1939 October 18), alternative researchers are still debating on what really happened on November 22nd, 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, USA. So far, almost all alternative readings of this event are completely false.

In the 39th episode of Pateo TV, Johan Oldenkamp shows what really happened that afternoon in down town Dallas. He does this simply by comparing the video footage of this case with the photographs shot of the very same scene. Anyone could have solved this case earlier, but Johan was the first to put all the evidence together in such a way that the final solution of this JFK case becomes self-evident.

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The 11/22 Update of 2017

Today, precisely 54 years ago, USA president Jack Kennedy was shot several times, while being driven around Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, both by photo- and film cameras. Even though the above video clearly proofs that this “assassination” was staged, even many alternative researchers prefer to ignore the presented straightforward evidence. They complain that the mainstream media are based on prejudices, but they fail to see their own lack of having an open mind regarding these self-evident facts.

As 54 is the sixth multiple of 9, the Numerological values of today’s date equals those of the famous date of that shooting, namely: [ 11 22 1 / 7 ].

The 55th anniversary of the JFK shooting

The shooting that occurred today exactly 55 years ago in downtown Dallas, Texas, was done by cameras, as this alleged “assassination” of USA president JFK was entirely staged. The 39th episode of Pateo TV (embedded above) shows undeniable proof of this remarkable conclusion.

Furthermore, the Numerological value of this 55th anniversary is: [ 11 22 11 / 44 ]. Maybe this extraordinary date of this 2018 memorial day should direct us towards sharing this truth to a larger audience. Will you help spreading this video as far and wide as possible?

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