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Wholly Science Master Class Video Series

Part 2 : End Times Prophecy

Perhaps the oldest and most profound end times prophecy was long time ago written down in the Book of Daniel (known from the lions’ den). However, this end times prophecy has always been a mysterious riddle. Until now! As Johan Oldenkamp was able to crack this “Daniel Code”. After having developed the Wholly Science video course, he made, as a second icing on the cake, another Master Class video, following the first one on the Logic of the Tarot. This second Master Class video, of which the trailer is embedded below, offers you the unriddling of Daniel’s end times prophecy.

For a fee of only € 6 (or its equivalent in any other currency), you can have access to this Master Class video of 9 quarters of an hour playing time. How this works is explained in this short trailer video:

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