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Wholly Scripture TV

Volume 22: Jaldabaoth


In the twenty-second episode of Wholly Scripture TV, recorded on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, Johan Oldenkamp explains the most important book of the Nag Hammadi writings, which is the ‘Apocryphon according to Iohannes’, commonly known in English as the ‘Secret Book of John’. In order to do so, he starts by showing the original Greek keywords of this writing, which appears three time in the thirteen Nag Hammadi Codices, every time as the first text of a codex. The problem with the common translations from Coptic to English by Frederik Wisse, Michael Waldstein, Marvin Meyer, and Stevan Davies is that these translators lacked the spiritual background knowledge required to fully understand these writings. Thanks to Wholly Science, Johan Oldenkamp not only reveals the meaning of these extremely important texts in this episode of Wholly Scripture TV, he even corrects some errors made by the Egyptian monks who translated it from Greek to Coptic in the fourth century of our common era. The central creature in this ‘Secret Book of John’ is the Chief Archon named Jaldabaoth (also spelled as ‘Yaldabaoth’ or ‘Yaltabaoth’). Knowledge of this creature and his creation is imperative for anyone who longs for Salvation.

The video embedded below shows the trailer for this twenty-second episode of Wholly Scripture TV. For € 15 or the equivalent of this amount of money in any other currency, you can purchase this unique episode, with a total playing time of two hours.

This informatie is also available in Dutch.

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