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Pateo’s Agenda

Agenda of

The upcoming events of Pateo.NL are listed below. These are all virtual events on a video conferencing platform. To join any of these events, you need a good and stable internet connection plus a well-functioning webcam and microphone. For more details on an event, click on its corresponding link.

Upcoming online events of
Date Start Time Link  Event
2020/12/03 21:00 link  Wholly Science Study Group
2020/12/10 21:00 link  Wholly Science Study Group
2020/12/17 21:00 link  Wholly Science Study Group
2021/01/07 21:00 link  Wholly Science Study Group

The above dates and times are based on the Central European Time.

The history of Pateo’s agenda goes back to Tuesday 28 October 2008. Next, there is also Pateo’s memorial calendar.

If you want to know more about Wholly Science, the life work of all-round scientist and spiritual master teacher Johan Oldenkamp, then follow the Wholly Science Education Program. If you want to invite Johan to give an online presentation, workshop, or training course, then you can contact him directly.

This agenda webpage is also available in German, and Dutch.

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