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The Original Ten Commandments

By combining my understanding of Wholly Science with my common sense, I was able to discover the genuine interpretation of God’s Ten Commandments to man. It took us humans several thousands of years to get it right, but finally, here it is:

Wholly Science adds one more to this list: “Thou shalt think for thyself with the mind the Lord thy God giveth thee.” Therefore, stop believing. The Word of God has nothing to do with believing. It is all about science: Wholly Science, meaning the Science of the Whole of God’s Creation. Wholly Science is the Reunification of pure Science and true Service to God. Wholly Science therefore also enables us to reveal the true meaning of each these Ten Commandments, as shown below:

1. Acknowledge God as the Prime Creator.

God is the Origin of everything. Wholly Science refers to that Origin as the Source World, which is the first world, from which everything arises. That First World is God. God is the Prime Creator. In Ancient Greece Aristotle (384 BCE – 322 BCE) referred to God as the ‘Unmoved Mover’. God is One. God is the Number 1. God is the Creator of above and below. God is the Author of all that is natural. God is therefore the Supreme Authority and the Lawgiver. God is the sole Owner of all creatures created by God. God rules sovereign and God has full dominion over the whole of God’s Creation.

That is the essence of the First Commandment, so that man is aware of the true origin of everything, including all Lawful rights that follow from that. As God is the first ‘something’, there is no thing (nothing) before God. When we think that God is not the Prime Creator, then we transgress this First Commandment, and we thus immediately lose our birthright to inherit the earth, as stated in the (First) Testament of God. In other words: We break then our Connection with God, also known as the Arch of the Covenant, meaning a Wholly Bow of Agreement between us and God. But not acknowledging God as the Prime Creator, we disrupt this Wholly Agreement.

2. Respect God’s Creation.

God has the copyright on the entire creation. Therefore, by copying something out of God’s creation, we violate God’s copyright. The expression of a ‘graven image or likeness’ just means a copy of something that has been copyrighted by God. Not only by genetic engineering we transgress this Second Commandment, but nearly everything we do in the pharmaceutical and food industry, and there are many other examples as well.

God also has the copyright on the Bible, for it indeed is the Word of God. Among all those words that are copyrighted by God, we find the Ten Commandments. These Ten Commandments are the Law of God. That means that God also holds the patent on the idea a law. All man-made laws are therefore violations of God’s patent and therefore conflict with this Second Commandment. This means that each of us has a choice: Do we bow before God or do we bow before man-made laws? No one can serve two masters. It is either God or an idol. Do you chose the latter, then God breaks the connection, not only with you, but also with all your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. So you might better think twice before deciding which master to serve. God’s Law is also for your protection (as explained below), while man-made laws serve to protect the interests of the self-proclaimed elite. Any man with the Arch of the Covenant unbroken that serves God becomes a Servant King. Any other man serves as a slave its own idol.

3. Develop your own creational skills.

This is the reverse of the Second Commandment. The Second Commandment says: “Do not interfere with God’s business.” This Third Commandment says: “Do not try to get God involved in your business.” First of all, trying to make God do your work is in vain, as God will never ever do that. Why? Because that is your business, not God’s. Therefore, asking for God’s effort for our own purposes, equals losing the Connection with God. This means that also praying to God is a transgression of this Third Commandment. You did not see that one coming, did you? On the other hand, cursing is not a transgression, as long as you do not ask God to do anything for you, like damning you. Just leave God out of your business. That is what this Third Commandment is all about.

4. Work your way up to the Seventh Heaven.

In order to fully understand this Fourth Commandment, you really need to know a little about Wholly Science. Nevertheless, I will try to explain it anyway, but if you need to know more, then please do read this book. What it comes down to is that there are in total seven Heavens. This corresponds to the seven tones of the scale. God resides at the Top. This Seventh Level corresponds to the tone of Do. Most people are with their consciousness on the first and lowest level of Re. This lowest heaven is called Hell. Some people are terrified of it. However, we only need to turn on the television to see Hell (Hell Yeah!). The Fourth Commandment of God commands us to find our way from Hell all the way up to the highest level of God. In order to remind us daily of this, we have exactly seven days a week. That does absolutely not mean that we cannot work on the seventh day of the week. If and when we work, that is our business. God does not want to have anything to do with our business, remember? Therefore, that commonly accepted interpretation is utterly ridiculous.

The Sunday is the day of the sun, named Helios by Wholly Science. The sun Helios rules at the level of Sol in the scale of heavens (meaning: level 4 out of 7). When you say that God is equal to the sun Helios, you transgress the First Commandment. By claiming that Saturday would be the seventh day of the week, the offense against God becomes even worse, because that is the day of Saturn. Furthermore, Friday is the day of Venus, hence the Islam also far from correct. Do not you want to lose your Connection with God, then you should better stay far from any religion. The word ‘religion’ is an aggregation of re (meaning: again) and the Latin word ligare (meaning: to bind). Any religion first breaks your Wholly Bond with God, and then re-binds you with the Devil. You did not see that one coming either, did you?

Every day is of course the Day of God, because God is the Creator of both the day and the night. Do you want to honor God every day by doing no work at all, then that is your business. Do you want to honor God every day by working as hard as you can, that is your business. Just do not forget to climb in consciousness up to the Seventh Level of God, as this Fourth Commandment commands us to do. Once we have arrived at this Seventh Heaven, we do not have to continue working up ourselves. There we find the Universal Stillness, because that is God, the Unmoved Mover.

5. Honor your Father and your Mother.

Wholly Science explains that ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ (Heaven number 4 to be precise) is the sun Helios, and that ‘Our Mother who art in earth’ is our home planet, called Terra by Wholly Science. This Fifth Commandment has nothing to do with our biological parents. When we honor Father Helios and Mother Terra, we indeed live longer. God gives us this Fifth Commandment to encourage us to work our way up as fast as we can, because we find Mother Terra at the second level (corresponding to the tone of Mi). The bottom level is ruled by the moon, called Luna by Wholly Science. People at this lowest heaven are therefore all lunatics. They do not have to fear Hell. They are already there!

6 Respect life.

The bottom five Commandments regulate the way we can live together on this planet. They are ordered by the impact a violation has on our society, meaning from severe to mild. First of all, we can not murder another human being, according to this Sixth Commandment. So we need to throw away thousands of years of experience in efficiently killing each other? Get out of here! Oops. I did not mean that as a request, My Lord. Please continue minding Your Own Godly Business. I was just annoyed that all that beautiful know-how and technology will then go to waste. But surely we can still murder animals, can we? Hmm, let me think. Who owns the animals? Who created them? Oops again. So man cannot murder anything that God has created. Wow. Suddenly I can see the Paradise we can live in on this planet. Can you too?

7. Behave properly.

How to define proper or moral behavior? We can talk about this together endlessly, but we will probably never reach a unanimous definition. There will always be a gray area in the middle of which we think differently. Fortunately, each of us has a conscience (I assume). So we just listen to our own conscience. Furthermore, we simply do not do to others, that we would not want others to do to us. That will surely guide us in the right direction. Otherwise, we can all learn to apply the communication method called Fair Talk (which is also a part of Wholly Science).

8. Respect property.

Does this Commandment need further explanation? Everything that is natural, is owned by God. By claiming something that is owned by God as your property, you steal from God. That does not seem to be very wise, because you then transgress this Eighth Commandment, which is also the case when we steal from each other. Only the fruits of your own work can be our property: You reap what you sow. However, the land is not yours, and neither are the plants. What you create is yours, and what God creates is God’s. In short, do not steal from each other nor from God. That is the meaning of this Eighth Commandment.

9. Speak the truth.

By lying (including lying to ourselves), we destroy the trust, including the trust between our self and the Creator. So I must always speak the truth? That is entirely up to you, because that is your business. However, any single lie, no matter how small, will result in loosing your birthright to inherit the earth. Therefore, do not lie!.

10. Be content.

This Tenth Commandment is similar to the Third Commandment. However, instead of bothering God, this Tenth Commandment forbids to bother each other. Therefore, do not covet what is not yours. In short, it commands us to mind our own business! Therefore, do not mind your neighbor’s business, neither the business of his wife, nor the business of any member of his household, or any business other than your own. How hard can that be? Harder then you might think, I can tell you.

In conclusion: Everyone can see that this list of Ten Commandments makes perfect sense, including its ordering. Pretty smart of God, don’t you think? Pretty stupid of us humans, that it took us so long to see this sense. That is at least what I think.

Feel free to write these reformulated Ten Commandments on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge. However, do not forget who holds the copyright on this wording, because of the Eighth Commandment. No, I’m just kidding. Or not? Remember, think for thyself!

Do you have any questions, feel free to find the answers yourself. In any case, do not mind my business, because then you covet my knowledge, by which you transgress the Tenth Commandment. I will gladly share my understanding of Wholly Science with you, but not before we have made it our jointly business first. So do you require my services, then let us first talk business.

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This article was orginally written on November 18th, 2013 by all-round scientist and spiritual master Johan Oldenkamp.

This artikel is also available in Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch.

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