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Conference Presentation on The Original Ten Commandments

Due to translation errors, ignorance, and even malevolence, not all wordings in the contemporary Old Testament of the Bible (or the Tanakh) are correct. However, based on his understanding of Wholly Science, Johan Oldenkamp has, in many cases, been able to restore the original meaning of these ancient writings. In the lecture that he gave at the Open Mind Conference in the Danish capital Copenhagen on Saturday morning, September 19th, 2015, he revealed the original meaning of both The Creation and The Ten Commandments. Their genuine meaning has nothing to do with believing, as these ancient writings were meant to develop our scientific understanding of the True Nature of this reality.

Directly after delivering his lecture, Johan was interviewed about the content of his presentation:

At the end of this Open Mind Conference 2015, Johan also joined the OMC panel debate:

For the announcement of the OMC 2015 lecture of Johan, a short video was released:

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