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What is the Difference between the Soul and the Spirit?


Most people use the words “soul” and “spirit” as synonyms. That is because they do not really know what either of them really is. To me, this is rather strange, because I think that the soul and the spirit are by far the most important subjects! For many years now, I have been trying to explain the importance of both metaphysical concepts, but most people then shrug their shoulders and continue with something that they apparently find more important than thinking about these subjects. How is this for you right now? Do you still find this article interesting enough to continue reading? Do you have time for this? Or do you have something more important to do?

Let me try a different approach: Do we actually have a soul? And if not, what difference would it make if someone does not have a soul? How could we recognize such a soulless being? Could this be perceivable on the outside? We will come back to this in a moment. We first look at what our language can tell us about the soul.

When we die, it is said that our soul is put to rest. And a lost soul is someone who is lonely, or aimless. Both common expressions suggest that we all have a soul, but when disconnected from others or our (life) purpose, our soul gets lost. So apparently, we are always carrying around our own soul, as long as we live. And when we look someone straight in the eye, we could catch a glimpse of their carried along soul. After all, the eyes are said to be the mirrors of the soul.

Well, let us just assume that basically all humans are born with a soul, so that we can now move on to discuss the spirit. To be able to understand what the spirit is (or actually not is), we again start with investigating common expressions. We say for instance: “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Another common expression is “be with somebody in spirit”. However, in both cases (and all others as well), the concept of “spirit” can be replaced by the concept of “mind” without changing its meaning. Does this mean that “spirit” and “mind” are synonyms? No! Only those who are (slightly) mental might confuse both essentially different matters. Ordinary thoughts originate from the mind and never from the spirit.

People with a mental disorder usually consult a psychologist, and in case of a mental illness they tend to visit a psychiatrist. I graduated as a psychologist, but at the university, I learned absolutely nothing about the soul, while “psychology” literally means “the science (logos) of the soul (psyche).” Similarly, “psychiatry” literally means “the healing (iatreia) of the soul (psyche).” But in reality, practically not one psychiatrist or psychologist knows anything about the human soul. Are you starting to understand that we have a fundamental problem here?

Furthermore, as the name “spirituality” (spirit-uality) indicates, it ought to concern the spirit. However, popular spirituality concerns instead the soul. It should therefore better be renamed as “soul tickling”, as my research proves that the spirit and the soul are clearly distinct phenomena. Next, the soul must neither be confused with the heart, just as the spirit and the mind are dissimilar.

If you do not know what your soul is, you run the risk of selling your soul without your noticing it. Moreover, you probably do not even know how much your soul is actually worth. Anyway, suppose you still have a soul, for how much money would you want to sell it? What do you want to receive as a minimum amount in exchange for your soul?

People who have sold their own soul or otherwise lost it are called “psychopaths”. This indication literally means that the soul (psyche) of such a creature is ill (pathos), but that is impossible. Only the body can show symptoms of disease, and never the soul, nor the spirit. In contrast, the psychopath’s mental illness has definitely broken the connection with the soul. This disconnection is then permanent, and therefore psychopathy is incurable.

How is it possible that we find psychopaths at almost all high positions in our hierarchical society? Those who are not afraid to investigate conspiracies will sooner or later find the answer to this fundamental question. People who are willing to sell their own soul to the devil receive royal compensation for this in the physical world. However, this is always accompanied by bankruptcy in the metaphysical world. After all, you cannot serve two Masters.

We owe our physical body to our physical mother and our physical father. From full maturity, we are fully responsible for this physical body. Similarly, we owe our soul to our metaphysical Mother. That is why people who have no one around them are described in German as “mutterseelenallein” (literally: “mother-soul-alone”). This is because our soul originates from our Mother.

Now we are almost there, because this means that our spirit must originate from our Father. There is however a very essential difference here with the soul, because the connection with the spirit is not automatically established during pregnancy. We are all born as a human being (with lowercase initial letters), and only after we have made the connection with the spirit through our own efforts, we can be born again as a Human Being (with uppercase initial letters). Only an extraordinary Human Being is a trinity (or tri-unity) of body, soul and spirit. An ordinary human just a bi-unity of body and soul. And psychopaths are simply a single unity, because they only have a soulless body.

An ordinary human being and an extraordinary Human Being

If you want to become an extraordinary Human Being, you can only do that by bringing your mind to a higher level of functioning. Only then can you expand your consciousness in such a way that contact with your spirit can eventually arise. This is the only way. Everything else is nothing but fantasy combined with wishful thinking. I say this so firmly because I have examined every religion very thoroughly, and therefore can explain everything very precisely, much better than any cleric or religious leader in general.

To give an example: What is meant by the second part in the expression “soul and salvation”? I have not found a single valid interpretation of this expression on the internet. Many wrongfully assume that it is the soul that would become salved. This is nonsense. However, with the above explanation, everyone can now also come up with the correct answer. After all, only the connection with the spirit makes someone whole and therefore brings salvation. Many essential words are still being used, but who really understands them?

An extraordinary Human is a Wholly Being, namely a completed trinity. It is the spirit that completes this trinity, and therefore the spirit is “whole-making”. This whole-making spirit ought to be named “the wholly spirit”. The genuine origin of “holy” is “healingly” or “whole-makingly”. Is the truth beginning to penetrate you?

Through an online Wholly Science Education Program consisting of five levels you can enable yourself to become reborn as an extraordinary Human Being (only if you are not a psychopath). Whenever you are ready for this, you can contact me directly. Maybe it is still too early for you right now, but never forget where you can get all the answers without having to believe anything. The re-education program is namely built on rock!

This article, originally written on (Good) Friday, April 19th, 2019, by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Spanish, German, and Dutch.

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