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Genesis 4:1 4:16

The Creation of Kan and Abel

The Genuine Bible

4:1 And Adam knew Eva, his wife. And gathering together, she brought forth Kan, and said: I acquired a human through God.
2 And she proceeded to produce his brother, Abel. And Abel became a shepherd of sheep, but Kan was working the land.
3 And it happened after days that Kan brought from the fruits of the land a sacrifice to the Lord.
4 And Abel himself also brought [a sacrifice] from the first-born of his sheep, and from his fatlings. And God looked upon Abel, and upon his gifts.
5 But upon Kan and upon his sacrifices, He paid no attention to. And Kan grieved exceedingly, and his face became downcast.
6 And the Lord God said to Kan: Why are you deeply grieved, and why downcast your face?
7 If not brought rightly, rightly but also divided, [then you] missed the mark. Be still, towards you [shall be] his submission, and you will rule him.
8 And Kan said to his brother Abel: Let us go out into the plain. And it happened in their being at the plain, that Kan rose up against his brother Abel, and put him to death.
9 And the Lord God said to Kan: Where is your brother Abel? And he said: I do not know. I am not the guard of my brother.
10 And the Lord said: What did you do? The voice of your brothers blood cries to me from the land.
11 And now, accursed you are, away from the earth who gaped her mouth wide to receive your brothers blood from your hand.
12 When you work the land, and it does not again give its strength to you, then in groaning and trembling you will be upon the land.
13 And Kan said to the Lord: My cause [is too] great to forgive me.
14 If You cast me today from the face of the earth, and from Your face, I will hide, and I will be groaning and trembling upon the earth. And it will be that The Whole finding me, will kill me.
15 And the Lord God said to him: Not thus: The Whole killing Kan will be punished seven times by being paralyzed. And the Lord God put a sign to Kan [for] The Whole finding him to not take him away.
16 And Kan went forth from the face of God, and he lived in the land of Nad, opposite Edem.

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This third story from the Book of Genesis, translated by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Greek, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

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