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The Genuine Bible

The Genuine Bible

Why do you think the usual color of the Bible cover is black? For the sake of recognisability, this color has been adopted here, but its true colors are also shown above on the right above.

The authors of the books of the Bible’s New Testament read the books (or actually scrolls) of the Old Testament in Greek. These Greek scrolls were created since the year 250 before our current era as 70 scholars were then commissioned to translate these writings from an ancient written language called “Ketav Ivri”, originating from the Phoenician script. This ancient Greek translation of the Bible’s Old Testament is nowadays known as the Septuagint, derived from the Latin word for 70 (or LXX in Roman numerals). The claim that the books of the Bible’s Old Testament originally were written in Hebrew is false. The Hebrew translations of these books, included in the Torah and the Tanakh (or the Mikra), date from the Middle Ages.

By clicking on the links in the table below you go to the corresponding translation into English of the authentic Greek Bible texts, made by all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp.

Book Verses Link Story Title
1:1 – 2:4a
Genesis #1
The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth
2:4b – 3:24
Genesis #2
The Creation of the Paradise
4:1 – 4:16
Genesis #3
The Creation of Kaïn and Abel
4:17 – 5:32
Genesis #4
The Creation of the City-State
6:1 – 8:22
Genesis #5
The Creation of the Box
9:1 – 9:19
Genesis #6
The Creation of the Covenant
9:20 – 11:32
Genesis #7
The Creation of the Vineyard

The Colorful Biblos

To learn the Esoteric meaning of the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis, read the ebook “Genesis Decoded – On the Esoteric Stories of Creation”.

Genesis Decoded

The genuine Bible – Biblos – is also available in Spanish, German, and Dutch.

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