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Once upon a time

On the Unriddling of Fairytales

Once upon a time : On the Unriddling of Fairytales

Pateo, ISBN 978-94-90765-29-3, 1st Digital Edition (2021/06/07), 46 pages

Fairytales are anything but just stories to keep children entertained. There are many deeper meanings hidden in classic fairytales. In this 52nd book written by Johan Oldenkamp the underlying truths from in total ten timeless fairytales are unriddled to the learned reader. These ten classic fairytales are commonly referred to as Snow White (and the Seven Dwarfs), Cinderella (or ‘The Glass Slipper’), Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood (and the Big Bad Wolf), The Wolf and the Three Little Pigs, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, Little Thumbling (and the Ogre), Hansel and Gretel, The Princess and the Pea, and Rumpelstiltskin. These ten classic fairytales are timeless because they are relevant to every individual, regardless of the time or place in which one lives. They are about the timeless truth of the human situation in everyone’s life in this earthly reality. This is therefore the world’s first non-fiction fairytale book!


Since these unriddlings are based upon Wholly Science, the reader must have achieved at least of Level 2 of the Wholly Science Education Program before purchasing this first non-fiction fairytale book.

The price of this unique unriddling book is only € 25, whereby Wholly Science students from Level 3 are entitled to a discount of at least € 5.

How to Order

For ordering this ebook, send an email message to Webshop @ Pateo.NL (without spaces), and, if required, transfer the corresponding amount of money.

This book is also available in Dutch.

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