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Physics within Wholly Science

On Making Mechanics Whole Again

Physics within Wholly Science : On Making Mechanics Whole Again

Pateo, ISBN 978-94-90765-32-3, 1st Digital Edition (2021/08/23), 29 pages

The sum of two opposing electromagnetic waves is not equal to zero. According to the “laws” of electrodynamics as a sub-field of physics, this should be the case. This is just one of the many incongruities that university “physics” would rather not talk about.

Scientist Nikola Tesla discovered that beneath the transverse waves of potential electric and magnetic energies lies a base of longitudinal waves. Nikolai Kozyrev subsequently named them ‘torsion fields’.

Based on the essence of torsion fields, all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp is making the basic scientific discipline of Physics whole again in his 54th book. He does this from within the all-encompassing paradigm of Wholly Science.


This ebook is available for Wholly Science students of at least Level 3 of the Wholly Science Education Program. The price of this unique physics book is only € 30, whereby Wholly Science students from Level 4 are entitled to a discount of at least € 10.

How to Order

For ordering this ebook, send an email message to Webshop @ Pateo.NL (without spaces), and, if required, transfer the corresponding amount of money.

This book is also available in Dutch.

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