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Pateo Newsletter № 46


Pateo Newsletter of Monday, August 14th, 2017, on the Son of man

The “Son of man” is not the “Son of God”

Most Christians believe that the prophesied ‘Coming of the Son of man’ would mean the “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ. Today, however, the 42nd episode of Pateo TV was released, in which the actual meaning of all relevant Scripture texts is fully explained. These texts are part of the Prophecy of Ezekiel, the Prophecy of Daniel, the Evangelion (“Good Message”) according to John, and the Revelation to John. Anyone who really wants to know who exactly is this announced “Son of man”, therefore better watch this video:

New book plus video about the Chronicles of the Gods

In my latest book, I show the similarities between the mythology of five different ancient cultures: Mesopotamia (Ancient Two-Streams-Land between the Tigris and the Euphrates), Khemit (Ancient Egypt), the Mayas (Ancient Mesoamerica), the Ancient Greeks, and the ancient North Germanic peoples. These similarities are not at all coincidental, because this mythology is based on actual historical events, rather than on fictional myths. In fact, these chronicles of the gods inform us of the true history of our solar system, of which our ancestors apparently were firsthand witnesses. In my previous book, I already wrote about this, but this time I have described, in detail, every step from start to finish, together with the self-evident proof for each step. And to clarify it even further, the entire storyline is also shown in a corresponding video. Is there a better way to get to know the gods of our ancient ancestors?

Anyone who still believes that something “big” will happen on September 23rd (2017), has clearly been fooled. First of all, the heavenly body named ‘Nibiru’ by the Ancient Mesopotamians is nowadays known as ‘Venus’, as explained not only in ‘Chronicles of the Gods’, but in several of my previous books as well. Secondly, the heavenly “woman” as described in the 12th chapter of the Revelation to John is also about Venus, as explained in the 11th episode of Wholly Scripture TV. Therefore, do not await something to happen on the day after this year’s autumnal equinox. The real revelation is today’s disclosure of the identity of the Son of man.

Help wanted from assisting Information Warriors

The information war that is going on is really a nasty one. First of all, we are all permanently submerged in the outrageous distortions of the facts by the mainstream media. However, these mainstream lies and propaganda are not our biggest concern. The real problem is the huge amount of disinformation spread by the alternative news media. I see it as our collective duty to clean up these alternative “truths”. In order to offer a truthful alternative to the deceiving Wikipedia, I started with PateoPedia. Do you want to help filling PateoPedia with truthful information, presented in a no-nonsense, factual way? If so, then please contact me.

News Feeds from

Another recent idea is to show the five most recent news items of all more or less reliable alternative news websites. Just to give you an idea how this would look like, visit the current easy-to-use overview webpage with more then ten different news feeds. Please feel free to respond to this trial version with suggestions for improvement. Other alternative news websites can easily be added from this overview webpage, and the ones already included can equally easily be removed again from this list, all depending on your feedback. And, of course, do not forget to create a bookmark for this useful webpage!

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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