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Pateo’s Webshop

Pateo’s Webshop

Welcome to the Pateo.NL webshop. Here, you can order ebooks and videos, as well as tickets for events, such as online workshops.



Almost all books published by Pateo.NL are available as ebooks. Many titles that have been sold out in printed form can be requested as a free ebook. The other ebooks usually cost only € 5 (or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency).


In addition to the many videos that can be watched for free, via for instance the YouTube channel of PateoMediaInter, Pateo.NL also has many videos that can only be watched against a small payment. This concerns the 30 videos of the Wholly Science Video Course (plus the three accompanying Masterclass videos), all episodes of Wholly Scripture TV (which can also be ordered separately), and the videos of the five Levels of the Wholly Science Education Program.


Check the Agenda of Pateo.NL to see the upcoming online workshops on several self-knowledge methods.

How to Order

For ordering ebooks, videos, or tickets, send an email message to Webshop @ Pateo.NL (without spaces), and, if possible and required, also transfer the corresponding amount of money.

The webshop of Pateo.NL is also available in German, and Dutch.

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