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Stages of Severe Shock Processing


The stage after receiving a severe shock is denial. We cannot believe that this shock really occurred. “Surely, this cannot be true.” This is stage 0.

When we no longer can deny it, the built-up tension explodes within us like an erupting volcano. This is stage 1 in which there is a lot of (withheld) anger.

In stage 2, we try to downsize that what shocked us. We try (in vain) to bargain regarding its severity.

Sooner or later, we start to realize its full severeness. We therefore hit rock bottom at stage 3 of depression.

In stage 4, we at last come to terms with that what shocked us. This is the stage of accepting the situation as it really is. This acceptance then opens the door to an alternative perception of the shocking.

In stage 5, integrating the accepted perception results into our new normal way of living.

Thanks to Wholly Science, we can understand the logic in the ordering of these stages. This logical ordering is a result from the Metaphysical height of Fire (Stage 1), Air (Stage 2), Earth (Stage 3), and Water (Stage 4) in the above central sine wave. In between the two Yang Essences above and the two Yin Essences below, there is the Original Essence of Aether, in the above figure corresponding to both Stage 0 and Stage 5. To learn more about this, become a Wholly Science student.

This news item, written on Friday 2020 July 10 by Wholly Science founder Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Dutch.

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