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Start 2021 well and participate in five online Self-Knowledge Workshops

Participate in five online Self-Knowledge Workshops

Self-knowledge is a precondition for really learning to fathom the world around us. In the beginning of 2021, you will have the opportunity to participate in five unique self-knowledge workshops. In each of these five workshops, all-round scientist and spiritual master teacher Johan Oldenkamp gives each participant an individual reading based on Wholly Science.

Date Link  Online Workshop
2021/01/10 link  Applied Numerology (Life Path Number, Personality Number, Soul Number, Destiny Number)
2021/01/17 link  Galactic Day Astrology (also known as the Tzolkin or Mayan Astrology)
2021/01/24 link  Lunar Year Astrology (also known as Chinese Astrology)
2021/01/31 link  Stellar Year Astrology (also known as Nine Star Ki or Japanese Astrology)
2021/02/07 link  Solar Year Astrology (also known as Natal Chart Analysis)


For this workshop, the Zoom’s video conferencing platform is used. Make sure you have preinstalled this free software (the Zoom app) on your computer or mobile device. And also make sure you have a functioning webcam and microphone.

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Anyone from at least Level 1 of the Wholly Science Education Program can participate, including those who have purchased the introductory offer, can participate in these online workshops. Exceptions can be made for those who took the Wholly Science Video Course. In each workshop there is room for a maximum of ten participants. Participation is in order of registration including payment.


The participation costs for these five online workshops together are only € 55 (or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency). However, this is the price for everyone from Level 2 of the Wholly Science Education Program. All others pay twice as much.


Registration is done by sending a message (preferably by e-mail) and paying the amount due.


This news article, originally published on Friday 18 December 2020, is also available in Dutch.

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