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Online Workshop
Solar Year Astrology

online workshop Solar Year Astrology

Curiously enough, Solar Year Astrology is often referred to as “Western Astrology”, while this knowledge originated from the Middle East, or, to be precise, from Ancient Sumeria. In the online workshop Solar Year Astrology, all-round scientist and spiritual master teacher Johan Oldenkamp gives each participant an individual reading based on Wholly Science. In this, everyone’s birth chart is discussed in detail and analyzed according to a unique Wholly Science method.


The next time the online workshop Solar Year Astrology will be held is on Sunday 9 May 2021 from 12:00 p.m. (noon), Central European Time.


Anyone from Level 1 of the Wholly Science Education Program can participate, including those who have purchased the introductory offer.


For this workshop, the Zoom’s video conferencing platform is used. Make sure you have preinstalled this free software (the Zoom app) on your computer or mobile device. And also make sure you have a functioning webcam and microphone. Anyone who has registered by e-mail and has paid the participation fee will be admitted to Pateo’s Zoom Room at the starting time.

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The participation fee for everyone from Level 2 of the Wholly Science Education Program is € 15 (or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency). Those still in Level 1 pay € 30 to participate (which includes associated ebooks, as shown below, as well as the video for the module 2C of the Wholly Science Education Program, which should have been studied prior to this workshop).

Solar Year Astrology


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This online workshop was previously given on Sunday 7 February 2021.


This online workshop is also available in Dutch.

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