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This is what you can do to make a difference

Through these three steps, detailed below, each of us can start making a difference in our own lives:

  1. Wake up societally.
  2. Wake up spiritually.
  3. Develop your creative competency.

Phase 1. Societal Awakening

Is there an event or topic that you suspect is not in line with the truth? If so, keep researching this until you are sure that this is indeed not true. After that, you will make many more startling discoveries. Then try to see the bigger picture, which is that the lie reigns in every possible way. But do not spend more time and energy on this first phase than is necessary to fully “wake up” societally. Then leave the labyrinth of conspiracies as quickly as possible, because knowing all this will not help you to become a better human.

Phase 2. Spiritual Awakening

Which is more important: science or spirituality? If you have chosen one of these two, then you have fallen for this trick question. Sound Science and Solid Spirituality are two sides of the same (golden) coin. Both can only be truly understood if they are studied together, namely from the all-encompassing paradigm of Wholly Science.

So Solid Spirituality is equal to Sound Science! Only through a genuine scientific approach can we come to understand how to develop our own spirituality. Anyone who thinks it could be otherwise is a fantasist who is still deeply asleep spiritually. It is this spiritual sleep that is written about in the Bible. The Bible is a scientific book packed with instructions on how to awaken spiritually, but written in such a way that only those who have ears to hear can understand it.

Phase 3. Learning to Consciously Create

By going through the seven levels of the Wholly Science Education Program one by one, you will understand how the process of conscious creation really works. Ordinary people cannot consciously create, but Extraordinary Humans are capable of this. This destination is the true reason for our existence. And that is also the real reason why the lie reigns over ordinary people, so that they do not develop their innate potential to become more than ordinary.

Only Extraordinary Humans can make the difference. How badly do you want to become an Extraordinary Human? If you are really ready for this, please contact me. Together we will make the difference.

This news item, written on Saturday 4 December 2021 by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Dutch.

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