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What is the meaning of our life?

We are all born as ordinary people.
Only a few succeed in developing into an Extraordinary Human.
Only Extraordinary Humans are made in the image and likeness of God.

Ordinary people are under the illusion that they are Extraordinary Humans.
They therefore do not realize that they are only daydreaming human animals.

An ordinary human animal is like a semi-finished product.
Only by consciously working on itself can a human animal develop into a Human.
Only an Extraordinary Human is a full-fledged end product of Godís Creation.

It is the Divine duty of every human being to develop into an Extraordinary Human Being.
To that end, we must build an inner tower that reaches into Heaven.
To start with, this tower should be built on rock solid ground (and not on sand).
And furthermore, we must become inwardly one in order to be able to build ever higher.

A human animal is accustomed to build on sand by believing something to be true.
Extraordinary Humans, on the other hand, do not believe anything at all, because they want to know for sure.

Ordinary people believe that they would be an inner unity which they refer to as ĎIí.
Only through impartial self-examination can we shatter this persistent illusion.
Ordinary people are controlled from outside, but their self-hypnosis blocks this truth.

Ordinary people think they have Free Will.
Ordinary people think that they would have a Soul and therefore be immortal.
Ordinary people think they have essential knowledge, but this is impossible for them.

Ordinary people are trapped in a power play that is invisible to them.
Unusual humans may become aware of this because they feel inwardly that something is not right.
By joining an initiation school, unusual humans can begin to prepare for their development.

The online Wholly Science Education Program serves as one such initiation school.
No ordinary person can become Extraordinary by himself without the help of initiates.
The biggest hurdle to overcome is yourself.

Many seekers of Truth think they are already well advanced and therefore inevitably get stuck.
To be able to complete our own Heavenly Tower, we have to start building from scratch.
Are you as an unusual human willing to use this life for this, then start right away or continue with this quickly.

It is said that many roads lead to Rome.
But there is only One Way that brings us to the Truth.
This One Way is by definition a Living Way.
Wholly Science is that Living Way because its founder works on it every day.
Evolving Wholly Science is Johan Oldenkampís lifeís work.
As long as he lives, also Wholly Science lives as our Way to Truth.
Or do you think it is safer to study the work of a dead master?

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