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Pateo’s Original Version

The authors of the books of the New Testament read the books (or actually scrolls) of the Old Testament in (Koine) Greek. These Greek scrolls of the Old Testament have been created since the year 250 BCE (Before Current (or Common) Era), because from that time onwards, a reported 70 scholars were commissioned to translate these texts from an ancient written language called “Ketav Ivri ”, taken from the Phoenician script. This Greek translation of the Old Testament is known today as the Septuagint, derived from the Latin word for 70 (or LXX in Roman numerals). The New Testament was written in the same language. In these Greek texts, no distinction was made between capital letters and small letters, as all letters were written in the same way (usually all in lower case). Nor did these original Greek texts have punctuation marks.

Pateo’s Original Version (POV) of the Bible

Pateo’s Original Version (POV) of the Bible was created taking into account the following translation rules (of the Greek source texts):

Pateo’s Original Version of the Bible books will be added one by one below in the near future via a link to the corresponding webpage per Bible book.

Old Testament

Genesis (POV)

New Testament

Pateo’s Original Version (POV) of the Bible is also available in Dutch.

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