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The True Jewish History

Stop believing, start Knowing

A Jew is literally a “YHWH praiser”. The praising of YHWH as the highest god originated in Samaria in the ninth century BCE. In the year 597 BCE, the Samaritans were exiled to Babylon by order of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of the New Babylonian Empire. Almost sixty years later, in the year 539 BCE, King Cyrus II, the founder of the Persian Empire, allowed all the exiles, including the Samaritans, to return to their home lands. To the west of the Jordan River, the YHWH praisers established their own province of this Persian Empire. They called it Yehud Medinata, which literally means “Praisers Province”. They apparently wanted all inhabitants of this Persian province to become praisers of YHWH.

Subsequently, some of these YHWH praisers made up a mostly fictional history, which they recorded on parchment rolls, written in the language Ketav Ivri. For example, Isaac, allegedly Abraham’s conceived son, never existed, nor did his son Jacob, who, according to this fictional history, was later called “Israel”. Neither did there ever exist a kingdom called “Israel”, and the fictional characters of Saul, David, and Solomon were not really historical kings. Nothing of this all really happened, since this heroic prose was created by fanatical YHWH praisers who wanted to convince others to also believe in their god. On the other hand, many of these stories that later became part of the Jewish Tanakh – largely corresponding to the Old Testament of the Christian Bible – have one or more deeper meanings, as shown by Wholly Scripture TV.

After this region was conquered in 332 BCE by Alexander III of Macedonia, the Aramaic word Yehud (“Praisers”), was phonetically copied into Greek as Ioudaía (transliterated). And in 63 BCE, now under Roman rule, the name of this area became Iudaea. Next, when Emperor Vespasian had first knocked down with great violence a Jewish uprising in 70 CE, 65 years later, in the year 135 CE, Emperor Hadrian had to go even further then that. He forced all Jews out of Jerusalem, and renamed the area Palaestina (Palestine), indicating that this would be the land of the Philistines, whom the Jews regarded as their enemies from ancient times (based on those ancient writings). These expelled Jews then migrated to the other coastal areas of the Mediterranean.

Six centuries later, in the year 740 (CE), King Bulan decided with immediate effect that all 1.4 million Khazars were now YHWH praisers. Before that decicion, there were around 350,000 Jews worldwide, mainly descending from YHWH praising Samaritans. With the “accession” of the Khazar Jews, there were suddenly five times as many Jews. Next, more then two centuries later, after Khazaria was completely wiped out in the year 969 by the Russian army led by Sviatoslav I of Kiev (c. 942 – 972), the Khazar Jews flew mainly to the eastern half of Europe.

On 1492 March 31 in Granada, in the south-east of Spain, an edict was issued by the Catholic King Ferdinand II of Aragón and Queen Isabella of Castile, which forced the Jews in that area (roughly the present Spain) to either repent to Christianity or to leave the area. The Jews who therefore decided to emigrate were later called the “Sephardi” Jews, based on the term Sepharaddim, which is the word for ‘Spaniards’ in Hebrew (Sefaràd means in that language ‘Spain’). These Sephardi Jews are generally all Samaritan Jews, as they originate from the Mediterranean area, and originally came from Samaria. The remaining (at least) 80% of the Jews are called the “Ashkenazi” Jews, according to the Hebrew word for Germany, namely Askenaz. These Ashkenazi Jews are generally all Khazar Jews, as they originated via Eastern Europe from Khazaria. In this article, for sake of convenience, we simply state that four out of five people who consider themselves to be Jewish are of Ashkenazi origin, but recent genetic research has shown that this percentage is considerably higher and, in fact, may even exceed 95%.

In the nineteenth century, the goal to establish a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital, thus in the area of former Samaria, was set by predominantly Ashkenazi Jews, who originated from Khazaria (meaning: not from Samaria). This movement chose one of the seven (small) mountains of Jerusalem, namely Mount Zion, to be named after: Zionism. When Zionism arose, or at least made itself public, the area of former Samaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. This endeavor to conquer the area of Jerusalem was not new, because in the Middle Ages, there were about ten so-called “crusades” spread over a period of almost two centuries, with also the aim of conquering Jerusalem and the surrounding country. However, the Zionists did not want to fail again in that endeavor.

The first Zionist Congress took place from Sunday 29 until Tuesday 31 August 1897 in Swiss Basel, organized by Theodor Herzl. The Zionists (under control of the Illuminati) understood that the establishment of a Jewish state around the city of Jerusalem would not go easily. For the ignorant mass, the first World War was fought between 1914 July 28 and 1918 November 11, but the initiated Zionists knew that the horrible warfare in Europe was only collateral damage, as this WWI was all about bringing down the already weakened Ottoman Empire. Already before the ending of this war, the British Government, by a letter dated on 1917 November 2, from its Foreign Minister Arthur James Balfour (1848 – 1930) to Walter Rothschild (1868 – 1937), acknowledged to endorse the Zionists’ endeavor. This letter is called the Balfour Declaration. After the end of this first World War, emigration of mainly Ashkenazi Jews to Palestine slowly started.

Subsequently, the Zionists (under the control of the Illuminati) understood that much more was needed in order to establish a real Jewish state. We nowadays know the outcome of their plan not only as the second World War, but especially as the Holocaust, which has never actually taken place. But through their control of the mainstream media, these Khazarian Jews not only succeeded in confiscating a large part of Palestine land with the permission of the United Nations, they were also able to trigger a massive immigration of (Ashkenazi) Jews into this stolen country, because this Holocaust lie was primarily intended to scare the Jews so that they would be willing to move to a secure country. Ever since, the unlawful state of Israel has been inhabited by Khazar descendants, who cannot put forward any claim on the territory in which they reside.

Therefore, the unlawful state of Israel has been established by lies and deceit. And that is also exactly what the Khazar Jews and the Samaritan Jews have in common, namely their believe since the very start of their religion that they are allowed by their god to lie and deceive non-Jews. It is of course not without reason that the Illuminati have “chosen’ the Jewish people to play an important role in the global chess game, because the Jewish religious book called the Talmud promotes having a double moral.

At this point in time, the true Jewish history ends, as we have now arrived in our present time. However, the story is not finished yet, as the initiated Zionists now want to establish Great Israel, in which current countries, such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and parts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, are incorporated under the rule of Jerusalem. Also for this third step, again a world war is needed. Preparations for this WWIII have been taking place for a while now, especially in Syria, but once this Third World War really breaks out, this was will alse be fought in Europe as well. The roadmap towards this WWIII has been made long time ago, and also the plans for the continuation after this Third World War. There will be built a new great temple in Jerusalem, which will be rebuilt completely, because of the present Israel there will be little left. And this complete destruction of the unlawful state of Israel was the intention from the very beginning, because this state was deliberately injected as a sort of virus infection into Palestine. Just as the immune system of our physical body does everything in its power to get rid of foreign substances, so the initiated Zionists knew that the region will never rest until the last Khazar Jew has been removed from the area. The Israelites know, or at least feel, that they do not belong there, but because of all the lies they have accepted as truths, they remain to be part of the unlawful state of Israel. Meanwhile, the region is being terrorized by weapons made in the USA and purchased by money from Saudi Arabia. The vast majority of people in the so-called “Free West” are brainwashed by the Zionists controlled mainstream media, and have therefore a completely distorted view of the actual situation.

In the years before the start of the second World War, a general anti-Jewish sentiment was deliberately created in Europe. And because of their deceitful culture, the vast majority of European people were easily lead to these anti-Jewish sentiments. Nowadays, the very same trick is repeated, but now this time it is an anti-Islamic sentiment. And once again, the vast majority of the original European people will not at all object when in the near future for instance Muslims will be obliged to be marked by a pentagram. In short, it is not the question of whether this scenario will occur, but only when this will happen. According to my interpretation of the prophecy of Daniel this will start within a year from today. However, revealing this End Times Prophecy can surely change the course of the coming affairs. Therefore, how matters will proceed from hereon, we will see. But in the meanwhile, it might be a really good idea to expose as many Jewish lies as possible, as done in this article. (In following articles on Pateo.NL, also Christian and Islamic lies will be exposed, among others.)

This article, written on 2017 October 14 by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in German and Dutch.

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