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Too coincidental to be coincidence

On the application of Numerology to controlled events by the global control freaks


In 1918, the World War I fighting halted on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Clearly, this date and time have been deliberately chosen. But why was the eleventh of November picked for this armistice date, and why also 11 a.m.?

Master Number 11

In Numerology, the 11 is the first Master Number. The global control freaks who organized this major war, picked this exact moment to indicate that they consider themselves to be the Master of our world. They want to be the No. 1. That is why this war ended in 1918, as 1+9+1+8=19, next 1+9=10, and 1+0=1. So, they deliberately chose an 11 moment within a 1 year for the WWI Armistice Agreement.

Next, the major stock market crash of the twentieth century occurred at Wall Street on Tuesday 1929 October 29, also known “Black Tuesday”. Remember that in those days, the year was written as: ’29, where 2+9=11. Therefore, the Numerological values of this Black Tuesday are 1’11 1 11.

Shortly after WWII, on 1947 November 11, the United Nations (UN) promulgated Resolution 181, allowing the creation of the unlawful state of Israel in Palestine. An alternative writing of this date in last century’s year ’47 is ‘11 11 11.

Surely, this is all too coincidental to be coincidence. Or what do you think? Furthermore, there are many other deliberate events that occurred on dates with 11 as a partial or overall Numerological value, such as:

After the 1, the second favorite cipher of the global control freaks is the 7. Therefore, the Apollo 11 (!) mission was launched on 1969 July 16. The Numerological values of this launch date are 7 7 7. To bring our attention back to this event, Stanley Kubrick (1928 – 1999), who directed the landing scene of this staged lunar mission, contractually recorded that the release date of his (final) movie, titled “Eyes Wide Shut”, was precisely 30 years later (as a concealed confession). To silence him definitively, the global control freaks had him murdered two months before this premiere. Six days after screening a final cut of Eyes Wide Shut for his family and the stars, he allegedly died in his sleep, suffering a heart attack.

Next, the false flag attack at Londen Underground trains occurred on 2005 July 7, which Numerological values are again 7 7 7. Many more examples of “coincidental” event dates can be given. However, the more important question is why is Numerology so important for the global control freaks. With just some basic understanding of Wholly Science, answering this essential question is rather straightforward: Our physical reality is a mere shadow of the energetic reality that exists beyond the metaphysical veil that blinds our senses. The global control freaks know that their ultimate goal of total control over the physical world can only be achieved by manipulating the energetic reality. To do so, they apply Numerology as a secret ingredient of their evil plans.

Are you not convinced yet? Let us take another infamous date, namely March 22. In numbers, this date is 3/22, with again a Numerological value of (3+2+2=) 7. The following controlled events occurred on this 3/22 date:

For more on this, watch the 2016 Open Mind Conference presentation on Numerological Analysis of Terror Attacks embedded below.

This revealing article has been completed on Friday 2019 November 8 by all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp.

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