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Pateo Newsletter № 40


Pateo Newsletter of Friday, March 3rd, 2017 on Nikola Tesla

  • The Quintessence in Nikola Tesla’s own Words
  • The Real History of The Church
  • Will you participate this Spring in the ninth Wholly Science Week held in Germany?

The Quintessence in Nikola Tesla’s own Words

Almost two years ago, on July 3rd, 2015, I published an interview text on This was the text of an interview with Nikola Tesla in 1899. More than a century after this interview, this text suddenly appeared again. According to some, this revealing interview was deliberately suppressed for more than a century. At that time, I did not read the text good enough. It seemed to me more important that this interview was shared as soon as possible. I was not the only one who acted like that, as nowadays this text can be found in abundance on the Internet. However, last Monday, I finally read the whole text very carefully, and then I found out that a large number of its sentences are crooked, and not really understandable. After some research, my conclusion is that the interview text that surfaced a few years ago was in the Serbian language, and the many times shared English version of it is nothing more than an automatic translation. As the Great Nikola Tesla deserves more than a poorly translated text, I decided to come up with a correct translation. The result of this can be read on Pateo.NL.

This interview text not only clearly shows how intelligent and well-read Tesla was, but also that he tried to give the reader hints in order to arrive on the path that leads to the Truth. To do so, Tesla for instance casually mentions the planet Saturn. He also redirects a question about the Devil towards an answer about Lucifer. Furthermore, he addresses the power of evil, which he considers to be an epidemic. In addition to these darks subjects, he gives very practical advices about what we can do in order to rise above it. For that, he mentions ten conditions, but it was for me a bit of a puzzle to get them all ten nicely listed. That is why I have bolded them in the text, with the corresponding number in parentheses. If you carefully read the entire interview, then you might begin to understand why Nikola Tesla was able to become the greatest inventor in the entire human history as far as we know it. That was for me the reason to edit, complement, explain, and republish this interview text, so that it might reach more people.

The Real History of The Church

Last Sunday, episode 37 of Pateo TV was recorded and released. Although I wrote and presented about it before, it seemed to me a good idea show the entire actual church history step by step. I did this in the first place for all who call themselves Christian. I had a Christian upbringing myself, and I recently visited a church again for the thanksgiving service for my mother, as mentioned in previous Pateo Newsletter (and my heartfelt thanks for the many condolences that I received). In this 37th episode of Pateo TV, I share that I as a boy came along as many as four churches when cycling to my high school (or my playing field). First, the church of a Reformed community, than the one of the Baptists, than the one of a different Reformed community (which was “our” church), and finally the church of the Roman Catholics. The latter two churches were almost side by side, and they still do. The church where we went was obviously to the right church, but what exactly was wrong with the other churches, that no one could tell me. Later on, I found out about other Christian communities as well, like Pentecostal, and even about other Reformed communities.

If you also had a Christian upbringing or if you consider yourself now to be a Christian, then try for yourself to explain all these denominations. Even theologians can not give a logical explanation for that, other than what has be told to us. However, also in this case, the truth is remarkably simple, and it is this straightforward truth that is explained in this episode of Pateo TV about the real history of the church. In the upcoming episode of Wholly Scripture TV, which will appear this month, I shall delve much deeper into all this in order to explain its real meaning and purpose. Can you afford not to know this?

Will you participate this Spring in the ninth Wholly Science Week held in Germany?

This Spring, from Sunday, May 7th until Saturday, May 13th, the ninth Wholly Science Week will again take place in the German region of Sauerland, in a serene center surrounded by forests. Previously, this week was held six times in France, and once in Romania. This Wholly Science Week is a unique opportunity to really learn to know your inner energies. Do not wait too long to register, as the number of places is limited. The information on this week is not only available in English, but also in German and Dutch.

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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