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Pateo Newsletter № 42


Pateo Newsletter of Monday, April 17th, 2017 on the Germanic origin of Easter

Are you looking for the truth or confirmation?

How do you explain the beauty of the rainbow to someone who is blind? How do you explain the harmony of the musical scale to someone who is deaf? How do you explain to someone who has been living in captivity since birth what freedom is? How do you explain the truth of Wholly Science to those who think that they know it all?

Young children prefer to watch a movie they have seen before, because they like recognition. Similarly, we enjoy known music more, as music is commonly described as the feast of recognition. The very same is the case with what we consider to be true. When we encounter something that confirms our own “truth”, then this makes us comfortable. On the other hand, when it contradicts our own “truth”, then we quickly turn our thumb down. That is because almost everyone looks for protection by confirmation, and not for the confrontation with the naked truth. Only when we no longer can hold on to our own “truth”, then we might be willing to gradually open up to a different view on what is true. However, most people first require a major crisis before this happens.

I know perfectly well that many of my bold claims in these Pateo Newsletters are totally inconsistent with at least some of the accepted truths of many of its readers. And as long as falsehood reigns, popularity is in my opinion a good measure of the lack of truth proclaimed by these popular individuals. My goal is therefore not to win the popularity prize. Instead, I aim for the Truth Price. And that price, I get time and time again when I make an important discovery, such as the Truth about Easter, which I shared last weekend, as this price is the satisfaction by the Truth itself.

The Truth about Easter

The scientific Truth about Easter is that it originally is a Germanic feast. Does your adopted “truth” make you think that this is nonsense, then you must surely read the articles titled Passover is the Passing By Feast and The Germanic Tale of the Easter Bunny (both available in multiple languages). The arguments put forth in these articles are so self-evident that, to me, this case is definitively closed. However, maybe you (still) believe in the Jewish lie that allegedly a nation of slaves fled from Egypt by crossing the Red Sea, and that their departure would have started at Easter. If you believe this, then you have not done any investigation yourself, as there is not a shred of historical evidence for this exodus story. Or maybe you (still) believe in the Christian lie that allegedly Jesus was nailed to a cross on “Good” Friday before Easter so that he could take care of your sins. Also in this case, if you believe this, then you have neither done any investigation yourself, as there is not a shred of historical evidence for this crucifixion story either. Only if you do not take these stories literally, then you may be able to discover the underlying truth, as I myself am increasingly able to do so.

There is no doubt in my mind that the powers behind the Vatican known about the Jewish lies. I simply refer to these powers-that-should-not-be as “Rome”. Furthermore, Rome has not only invented the Christian lies, it also created the Muslim lies. Our saying that all roads lead to Rome is telling us about this grand deception. Soon after the upcoming World War III has ended, Rome will move to Jerusalem, and these three religions will merge into the new global state religion of the New World Order, led by the long-awaited Promised One.

Do you think that I cannot touch upon anything that you might consider to be “sacred”? That is than too bad for you, as any house that is not built on rock faces the risk of collapsing, possibly helped by first some demolition work, voluntarily conducted by me.

What we nowadays call the Feast of Passover, that is actually the Venus Fertility Festival. Free yourself from all religious lies through to the truth of Wholly Science.

By the way, if you might think that I would be in error, regardless of what it is about, then I dare you to organize a public dialogue with me. My only condition for such an open dialogue is that that we treat each other respectfully, which at least means that we carefully listen to each other before we add something to this dialogue.

Will you participate next month in the ninth Wholly Science Week held in Germany?

Next month, from Sunday, May 7th until Saturday, May 13th, the ninth Wholly Science Week will again take place in the German region of Sauerland, in a serene center surrounded by forests. Previously, this week was held six times in France, and once in Romania. This Wholly Science Week is a unique opportunity to really learn to know your inner energies. Do not wait too long to register, as the number of places is limited. The information on this week is not only available in English, but also in German and Dutch.

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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