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Pateo Newsletter № 57

Pateo Newsletter of October, 2020, on Chess as a Metaphor for Spirituality

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Would you pass an Eighth-Grade Final Exam of 125 years ago?

On the internet, I recently found an 1895 eighth-grade final exam taken in the city of Salina in the USA state of Kansas. I could hardly believe my eyes, because I am pretty sure that nowadays not one eighth-grade pupil can pass this test. In fact, also most high school students will fail, even up to the highest grades. It was already clear to me that mainstream education has been increasingly eroded over the past century. But I did not know that this educational reform (or better: educational destruction) has been so drastic.

While more and more people are doing their best to get and keep their muscles well trained, few realize that this is also necessary for our mental “muscles”, namely our brain. Thanks to first the calculator, then the internet-connected laptop computer, and now the “smart phone”, we have outsourced more and more mental training to electrical aids. That makes us seem much smarter than we really are. It can best be compared to participating in a cycling race with an electric bicycle.

In short, humanity is increasingly burdened by mental degeneration. In addition to deteriorated “nutrition”, addictive narcotics, and the entertainment industry, also the deliberate destruction of the educational system is a root cause of this.

What is the true purpose of Bible study?

Much of today’s people have an almost allergic reaction to the word “Bible.” This is quite understandable, as since time immemorial, believers have had a tendency to place their own belief system above those of others, denigrating those different believers or unbelievers into allegedly being heretics or pagans.

However, we must realize that the essence of any belief is the lack of knowledge. If this knowledge would not be lacking, then someone is not a believer, but instead a knower. To make up for this lack of knowledge, believers put their beliefs in its place. But these beliefs must not be questioned by anyone, for those who do so will have to deal with the believer’s defense mechanism. To make matters worse, believers see adhering to these (ungrounded) beliefs as a strength, which makes their defensive attitude increasingly stubborn.

I would like to illustrate this with a perhaps strange example. I do that because directly addressing obstinate beliefs will only backfire. The below example is therefore not directly about believing, but instead about the game of chess, which is a fascinating game of thought, practiced at a high level.

Now suppose that at some point in the future no one in the world would know exactly what chess is. Not only does nobody know the rules anymore, but there is also no chessboard anywhere, let alone chess pieces. Even images of it and party notations have completely disappeared from our archives and our collective (sub-) consciousness. All we know is that there were Ascended Masters a long time ago, such as Bobby Fischer (1943 – 2008), Anatoly Karpov (1951), Garry Kasparov (1963), and Magnus Carlsen (1990). Without even having made a single chess move themselves, competing chess religions suddenly emerged in that chessless future. For example, the Fisherists believed that Bobby was the son of the chess god, who was sent to this planet to save humanity from our chess sins. The Kasparovians, on the other hand, believed that Garry is the only real chess messiah who can free us from our chesslessness. But according to Karpovians, it was precisely faith in Anatoly that offered access to chess heaven. In addition, there were also many people who believed that chess was simply a myth that would not only never have existed, but above all would be impossible.

Chess as a Metaphor for Spirituality

The above example may seem a bit strange, but we just need to replace “chess” with “spirituality” to see what I mean here. Furthermore, please remember that true Spirituality is a verb! There have been many Masters in the past. But instead of doing what these Masters did (thus learning to “play chess” better and better), believers prefer to read stories about what it is like to “play chess”. And while they read about it, they fantasize that they themselves would be “playing chess”.

Just as with chess, very strict rules apply to Spirituality. And likewise, there is a battle going on between the white pieces (the Light) and the black pieces (the darkness). However, more and more believers have been led to believe that no battle would be necessary at all, and that even without playing, they would be victorious. In addition, they have been fooled and confused in many other ways. Meanwhile, the Truth is fading further into obscurity.

Almost everything that is presented today as “spirituality” has nothing at all to do with that. These are all just allegations that match the fiction of mind-controlled believers, who therefore immediately recognize it as their “truth”. Its popularity is inversely proportional to the spiritual correctness of this pseudo-spirituality including all organized religions, not to mention the New Age grab bag. The more followers a “guru” has, the less his message is about pure Spirituality.

Two millennia ago, popular “spirituality” was not truthful either. Fortunately, several scrolls have been preserved in which the essence of “chess” (i.e. Spirituality) was written down in a secret language. Today we know these bundled scrolls as the Bible. This collection is full of stories about “chess grandmasters” and their Living approach to the “game of chess”. Believers know that there are many parables in the second part of this collection of stories, but they do not know that the story around these parables is also a parable in itself, and so are the main stories from the first part. I have been studying the Bible for a while now, and although it has been hijacked by believers, it is not at all about believing, but instead about how to come to True Knowing. In it, code words indicate very precisely how to “play chess”, that is to say, to come to Life Spiritually.

If you really want to learn “chess” before you die, then study the Bible as a profound puzzle book. And the great thing is that its secret language is used in the same way throughout the collection of stories. The writers of the new part not only wrote in the same language as that of the version they read of the old part, they also understood the code words from those old stories. In the same way, they wrote their more modern stories of the new part, which, incidentally, were initially only passed on orally. In short, once you have deciphered a word anywhere in the Bible, know that this meaning applies to every Biblical story. Also here, the beginning is the most difficult part in this puzzling. That is why I would like to help you on your way by sharing the decryption of the most important puzzle pieces with you. Therefore, only one question remains for you: How badly do you want to learn “chess”?

The Wholly Science Education Program is completed and rock solid!

The purpose of the Wholly Science Education Program is to learn “chess” as efficiently and effectively as possible. Its foundation is explained in the 8 basic modules of Level 1. Next, it is essential that you get to know yourself better through the 7 analysis modules of Level 2. The scientific hierarchy is addressed in the 6 core Level 3 modules, with all of this applied to promoting general well-being in the concluding 7th module. After this deepening level is completed, Level 4 deals with the history of everything relevant to “chess”. This fourth Level comprises 12 historical modules. Finally, at Level 5, the initiation into the secrets of “chess” takes place through 5 main modules, after which all this can be put into practice.

Although these 39 modules have been available for some time, and the whole is solid a house (on a rock), my insights continue to progress unabated. I share my latest discoveries through additional videos that are added to the relevant module. For example, last week I did this for modules 1C and 3A (and for 3G, I had already done this at the beginning of August).

To date, no Wholly Science student has started with Level 5. That surprises me, because only at this initiation, it is shown how everything fits together in a beautiful way, while bridging it to the practice of “chess”. In addition, it will hopefully not come as a surprise to you that the deciphering of the most important Bible texts and the clarification of these meanings form the main part of Level 5. By the way, I go into these texts considerably more deeply than I do with Wholly Scripture TV. Furthermore, I also started a series of short videos with written text to bring the Biblical Truth to the attention.

Every subscriber to this newsletter has the opportunity to read the Bible. Yet hardly anyone does this. Likewise, hardly anyone reads the fine print of a contract. But failing to read something does not make it less legally valid. After death, none of us can claim to “not have known it”, because we could have read these “fine print of our contract” (i.e. the Bible) if we had thought this to be important enough. In short, this is then a clear case of “own fault, big bump”.

In conclusion, I am considering to organize another Wholly Science Week next spring, intended for everyone from Level 3 of the Education Program. It will be a week full of in-depth knowledge, self-reflection, nature, exercise, relaxation, and healthy nutrition. The details have yet to be filled in, but I would first like to know how much enthusiasm there is for such a study week. If you are interested in participating in this, then please let me know this. I will then keep you informed about this.

What? Nothing about the declared pandemic and the draconian measures?

No, because as long as you cannot “play chess” yourself, you are at most a pawn in the game of those who can. Do you now think that if all pawns were to unite, another match could be played, or that meaningful countermoves would be possible? In response, let me quote Jedi master Yoda from the Star Wars saga: “Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side!” These dark forces, through their puppet rulers, very brutally took our finger 7 months ago after years of preparation (in the deepest secret), and now they want our whole hand, never to let it go. Ignorant pawns do not stand a chance in this devilish game. Therefore, anyone who wants to learn “chess” for themselves, now enrolls in “chess lessons” (i.e. the Wholly Science Education Program) in order to re-educate themselves as a “Jedi master” (i.e. a Sourceror, meaning a Knower who is able to Create from the Source).

Those who are concerned with the health or well-being of others without having at least the basic understanding of the all-encompassing Wholly Science paradigm are, in my view, culpably irresponsible. Those who want to develop spiritually but do not delve into Wholly Science are kidding themselves. Those who want to understand how everything is connected with everything without basing this on Wholly Science are fantasizing their own cloud castles. These are just a few examples, stressing the necessity of Wholly Science.

Wholly Science reveals to you the enriching logic behind the perceived reality. Only when you fully understand this logic, then can you make a valid “chess move” yourself, provided you understand exactly how ignorant “pawns” are moved.

Ultimately, Wholly Science will become the all-encompassing paradigm for all people. How fast this embracing will proceed also depends on you. Therefore, will you join studying Wholly Science? I guarantee you a succession of dizzying aha moments! Everything, really everything, will fall into place. So, what are you waiting for?!

Remember that persistent problems can only be solved at a higher level of understanding than from where they originated. Wholly Science takes you to an ever-higher level of understanding! Also see that activism and whistleblowing on the same level makes no sense. In fact, such reactions only pay attention to the problem, resulting in making it stronger. Those who are smart use Wholly Science to transcend the ordinary level. How smart are you, or do you want to be?

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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