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Pateo Newsletter № 68

Pateo Newsletter of Tuesday 7 March 2023 on Self-Knowledge

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Conscious interaction with fellow students is indispensable for spiritual development

Last weekend we held 9 Enneagram workshops of an average of 90 minutes each. That was the plan anyway, but we definitely went over this planning with another 90 minutes in total (which makes a overall total of 900 minutes), and I even had to skip parts at the end due to lack of time. Furthermore, there were exactly 9 participants. Only Wholly Science students from Level 3 could participate.

The Enneagram

The first two workshops were about the Enneagram as a process model, and the following four about personality typing using the Enneagram. The content of these first six workshops was largely already known to the participants, but some new aspects were added. However, the last three workshops were completely new, because this material comes from Level 7, a level that no Wholly Science student has yet reached. These last three workshops showed that the Enneagram can also be used to gain self-knowledge that is separate from the personality.

This was now the third time that we met in the center of the Northern Netherlands for several days to delve into Wholly Science. The first time was a whole week (from Sunday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, held at the end of April 2022), followed by two weekends from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening (the first was at the end of July 2022).

In addition to these physical meetings, a permanent core of Wholly Science students see each other weekly via online video conferences (in English on Sunday evening Central European Time). Part of this solid core participated in last weekend’s Enneagram workshops. Thanks to these revealing workshops, stronger and deeper connections have developed between them, something that I can’t really express in words. One of the participants even cried after the 9th and final workshop, but not from sadness. For me, it was mainly the lack of our togetherness that overtook me yesterday morning (Monday 6 March 2023). After trying to share this feeling in our Telegram group (only in the Dutch one, not in the English one), it turned out that I was not the only one.

What was already known to me, but which is still becoming clearer to me, is that spiritual development is only possible through self-knowledge, and that in addition to the required theory as explained within Wholly Science, also conscious interaction with fellow students is indispensable.

Will you participate in the next online self-knowledge workshop series?

In the previous two months, the seven modules of Level 2 were treated one by one in an intensive online workshop, always on Friday evening. There were twelve participants for this workshop series (in Dutch), which is the maximum number. That is why it had to be reported on the Pateo website at the beginning of December 2022 that this series was fully booked. In addition to a live reading during this online workshop, each participant also receives the video registration, so that instead of busy writing, you can watch and listen to this interpretation in peace. If you want to participate in this workshop series next time, please contact me. As soon as there are at least seven registrations, a new online self-knowledge workshop series in English will be scheduled. The previous one in English was held in April and May of 2021.

Will the Level 3 online workshop series start soon?

Various participants in the recent online self-knowledge workshop series have indicated that they would also like to receive the Level 3 modules through interactive workshops. These workshops in Dutch will also be held online on Friday evening, but then every other week. We intend to start this series on 14 April 2023. The details will be announced soon via the Pateo agenda. Only Level 3 (or higher) Wholly Science students can participate. If you are still at Level 2 but would like to participate in this Level 3 workshop series, make sure you have completed your self-knowledge report on time. As soon as there are at least seven registrations for this Level 3 workshop series in English, also this will be scheduled.

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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