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On the Wholly Science Education Program

Wholly Science Education Program

Endorsements by Wholly Science Students

Miguel   Lui   Nga   Anant   Robert   Charissa   Nancy   Andrew   Heinrich

Hi, my name is Miguel – born in 1965 – and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started learning Wholly Science when I was convalescent after a triple bypass surgery a couple of years ago. I realized then that what I was chasing after in my life was just an “illusion”. That there was something wrong. Wholly Science has helped me to understand that the “reality” I live in is full of lies and deceits and that we ourselves can master and create the way we wish by raising our consciousness. All this not through merely unfounded hearsay or nice self-help sentences, but trough scientific and historic proof. Wholly Science subjects range through a wide variety of topics all comprehensive to the same end, but it all starts by learning to “know yourself”, that is to know one`s personalities and how we can tame and control them, suppressing as much as possible all its automatic responses. Then we can slowly but surely start to uncover our True Self to finally achieve freedom. My favorite subject of Wholly Science is Wholly Scripture TV. Besides Johan’s interpretations, which are amazing, I enjoy to see the development of his awareness from the first chapter to the last! Thank you very much and congratulations, Johan!

I am a self-taught learner without academic qualifications, born in 1965 in Naples, Italy, and my name is Lui. I started reading newspapers from the age of 7 years old on, and also information from the Orient in comics, books, essays, and doctrines (martial arts). I emigrated and then married very young; I was 19 years old. As a self-taught, I was always passionate about mathematics, psychology and physics (atomic, astral and quantum), but above all “spirituality”, as I was looking for the Supreme. One day, my son Antonio invited me to see documentaries on, and from that day I began to distinguish Science from scientism. Suddenly, I realized that I had found a Master, a True Master. We then promised to further develop our knowledge with the Wholly Science Video Course. It all started one evening in late summer. But on another late summer evening, everything changed as my son Antonio flew away from this reality, leaving behind an indelible void, an emptiness that has been filled with the awareness that there is a God and a Master. God is the Universe inside and outside of us, the Master is Johan Oldenkamp.

My name is Nga, and I was born in Vietnam in 1983. Now, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Love for seeking deeper understanding led me to Johan’s education program of Wholly Science. I am enjoying every lecture presented by Johan. The education program leads me through a journey of understanding of the wholly world via metaphysics, energy, consciousness, harmonic, cosmology, and much more. Next, I learned to know myself at a deeper level with the seven self-knowledge methods of Wholly Science: Humourology, Applied Numerology, Solar Year Astrology (fully analyzing my natal chart), Lunar Year Astrology, Stellar Year Astrology (related to the I Ching), Galactic Day Astrology (analyzing my Tone and my Glyph of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar), and the Enneagram. At Level 3 of the education program, I learned familiar subjects from a completely new perspective: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality, which were then applied to fostering well-being, named Salveology. It made clear to me how to work on ourselves and how to develop love for wisdom. I just felt so amazing in each module in which I learned new fundamental insights.

Many subjects were not entirely unknown to my. For instance, I also study and practice Zhineng Qigong. However, a more broadened understanding came from the Wholly Science education program. I felt very thankful that my journey brought me to learn Wholly Science. The knowledge which is present in Wholly Science can be used to apply in any aspect of our life. It is for anyone who loves for the truth and who wants to get a deeper understanding of how to work on oneself. Much of the knowledge I learned from Wholly Science is so precious that I want to teach it to my children, and also share my understanding of it with my friends.

We usually think about how to improve our lives. But we seldom think about how to get a better understanding of ourselves and how to upgrade ourselves to become better humans. We live and work and do things as a routine, and we consider this to be normal. Our focus is then on the outside world to satisfy our physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. However, even when all these needs are satisfied, I felt that something is still lacking. It is this void that Wholly Science filled. I hope you will also find Wholly Science as your staircase in your inward journey to seek the insights that will fill your void, which also brings joy and inner peace.

Before I started with the education program, I first watched the 33 videos of the video course. I strongly recommend you to do the same. By doing so, you will be able to better process and integrate the knowledge presented in the education program. And some subjects only become clear after seeing and hearing it several times. Therefore, you best start with the video course.

Hi! I am Anant Trivedi (1952) from Mumbai, India. I am happily married to Rupa for last 42 years. We have a daughter (Avni, who lives in USA with her family) and a son (Aditya, who lives in my neighborhood with his wife). I am Ultrasonic instrumentation engineer and working in the field of research and development for last 45 years.

I came across Johan Oldenkamp in 2012 through his earlier YouTube videos, and later on by subscribing to his Wholly Science Video Course. I was initially impressed by his uncanny ability to connect science and spirituality, but as I went through various material again and again, I started loving his being. His selfless upfront approach and revelations, scientific explanations and love for Wholly Science, own verifications and transparency appealed me the most.

I have been associated with various spiritual practices from early eighties. I have been involved with a Fourth Way school, Siddha Samadhi Yoga, 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing, Isha foundation, and Osho. But only Wholly Science revealed the difference of “Soul” and “Spirit” so clearly to me. Each of Johan’s video is unique and my personal favorite is the Master Class video on the ‘Logic of the Tarot’, which became turning point in my spiritual journey.

I am connected with Wholly Science to spread message what has been revealed to me through Johan for benefit of other seekers. My personal aim is to reach first my “soul consciousness”, and finally my “objective consciousness” during this lifetime by 2026.

My name is Robert, and I was born in 1975. I discovered Wholly Science in late summer of 2018 but did not commit to the actual study of Johan Oldenkamp’s work of Wholly Science until March 11, 2019. This was when I purchased my first book, “Wholly Science – On Understanding It All”.

I have always viewed the world as if something were missing. A search for something more in myself or with life itself. I assume many people experience this feeling but do not express it or talk about it. This yearning for understanding feels like an inner emptiness. Wholly Science filled in and feeds this yearning for me. It changed my perspective from a single point of view to a grander ‘Whole’ perspective. Instead of looking at each dot individually, I viewed them as one complete ‘Whole’.

To me, this is the key to Johan’s work and comprehending Wholly Science. Connecting ancient history with our modern history. Connecting the sciences with all of the theologies. Connecting numerical essence with energy. These connections build a ‘Whole’ and show a larger purpose to life itself. What is this purpose revealed through Wholly Science? This is where I am currently with my studies ... how to consciously become an enlightened being and a living instrument of God in physical form.

My name is Charissa (1975), and I want to share what Wholly Science means to me. First and foremost, it gives me purpose and a sense of belonging. Ever since I was a little girl, I felt that I do not really belong here (a born misfit). I have always had a heavy feeling of homesickness, a deep longing for something (without knowing exactly what), and this I have been trying to discover all my life. However, what I long for so much, and what is pulling me forward, that I do not know. Even after all these years searching, I still feel disconnected to myself. I cannot seem to find peace and joy in things that make most people happy. I have always felt I had something else to do here and this made me feel very restless and sometimes sad as I could not seem to find what I was looking for. But thanks to Wholly Science, I have gone from seeking to excavating, causing the spark to become lit. This means I am now getting rid of all distractions and confusion in myself, shining a light in the dark parts of myself and learning that I had apparently forgotten. For me, a new sense of focus has emerged. In order to learn and to grow, I need focused attention. This is something to be trained and challenging for me, but I am making steady progress. I feel more peace and direction within myself and no longer like life is meaningless. I feel a sense of purpose now and life is starting to make sense. Will you also become a practitioner of Wholly Science?

My name is Nancy, and I am a retired information technology professional living in the southern USA. I stumbled across the Wholly Science website after following an intriguing recommendation from a commenter at another site. Curious, I followed up on the link to and perused the contents of the website – and couldn’t believe my eyes! I felt as if I had stumbled across all of the mystery school secrets and esoteric knowledge contained in the famed Library of Alexandria of old! It is difficult to describe the breadth and depth of knowledge available in one place – several topics of which I had spent years on my own, trying to find and interpret myself – and here it was – all of it – unpacked – simply waiting for me to avail myself of the opportunity to learn.

I was not going to let this opportunity slip through my fingers … And, so, greedy for knowledge, I felt that I had very little time to waste. Taking a chance, I signed up for the Video Course – and was not disappointed. But this only whetted my appetite for even more of what was available to me through the Wholly Science Education Program. And so here I am today: the more I learn, the more deeply I want to learn and experience …

For anyone with the curiosity and burning desire to learn such subject matter as is available through Wholly Science, my advice to you is to review the Wholly Science Education Program curriculum – and then consider taking the introductory offer to see if such a program is of any value to you – I’m betting that it will be!

My name is Andrew, born in 1963 in Europe, now living in Australia, and I am a student of the Wholly Science Education Program. I discovered Johan and his work after researching various people on alternative news sites. So, I basically found his site by accident (or was it by accident?). I watched many of his free videos and found the information to be very accurate.

I enrolled into the introductory offer of the Wholly Science Education Program, and found it to be very enlightening, so I continued to do this program. What I found is that the more I studied Wholly Science, the more I began to understand the real nature of reality and how things work, both in a scientific and spiritual manner. The detail and amount of research done by Johan is very impressive. I did not rush as I wanted to check out the content and cross check against what I knew (and did not know) and found over time (now about 18 months) that this is indeed the way for me. What helped me a great deal were the weekly online meetings with Johan and other students which gave me a deeper insight into the topics and also a better understanding of myself.

What Johan always said was “don’t believe me, please do your own research…” which is what I did, and as a result I have found what I know is one of the best scientific and spiritual advancement courses ever. So, I now continue to study and progress to higher levels (I am at Level 4 at this time), and look forward to increasing my consciousness to a much higher level.

I can recommend Wholly Science and Johan Oldenkamp to anyone who wishes to advance themselves to learn and practice the ancient knowledge and true spirituality which has been suppressed and hijacked by those that seek to control us. Also, I find the program to be extremely good value for money, after all, what price to pay for a chance to achieve true scientific knowledge and true enlightenment?

Wholly greetings! My name is Heinrich, born in South Africa in 1991. I am a software engineer, husband, and father of two. I firstly want to express the utmost gratitude to Johan for the herculean effort of putting together this course. I don’t think I will ever truly know nor understand the tribulation, endurance and sacrifice it takes to accomplish what he has accomplished. I was originally sent a link to regarding a new age teacher (victim of mind control) by one Dr Richard Allan Miller.

Near the end of the first phase of my life I found myself ‘on fire’ for God as a Christian part of a charismatic church where the belief of miracles and praying in tongues were common practice. My hunger for knowledge and understanding started to dominate most of my free time. As you can imagine I only saw the (censored) Bible and personal experience during prayers to be truth and blocked out everything else that was contradictory. This brought division in my life, I have hurt and alienated close friends and family due to ego and believing I was righteous.

One thing after another happened and I started to think for myself and little by little it drove me away from church. The drive and search for truth and knowledge, however, never ceased. I could not explain why I had this unquenchable thirst and where it came from, until the day I started a profound journey of Wholly Science. There simply was little to no explanation to a multitude of questions, the answers I received were vague and did not satisfy. Nothing resonated to the point where I truly knew and felt “this was it”.

I was lost and confused, thinking my inner voice was of God. I had deep discussions with this voice and only now beginning to understand who this is and why it answered my questions the way it did. When lockdown started I lost my company, bringing a much needed shock, which opened the path to the rabbit hole. I broke free from the shackles of religion, the world was my oyster, so many things, I now had the freedom of exploring. Needless to say, I soon became overwhelmed.

With this new found freedom came uncertainty, the burden of knowledge and many more questions. What is right? What is wrong? What is truth? Digging through the rabbit hole I felt lost once again, ready to give up, nothing I found could satisfy the question “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”. With the ever overarching feeling of wasting time and not doing what I am supposed to do. It was during this time I found as if the universe understood my suffering and answered my call.

From the moment I discovered the website and then the videos on YouTube. One after the other I devoured and exhausted all Johan’s content I could find. I was amazed that someone would share this much for free – I knew there had to be more. It was the first time in my life I was willing to pay for a course because it was clear that Johan is genuine and in the knowing. In all my searching, never have I found anything remotely comparable, including hidden teachings, teachings of secret societies nor any old book I could find.

More and more I start to understand why Johan does things in certain ways, do not be discouraged after the first module. Each module is much more valuable than the price tag. He is very direct in his approach and you will appreciate it as you progress through the course. He doesn’t claim to be a leader and as I understand it, does not want to be. He is a way shower to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Put off prejudice. If you want to understand the meaning of life, this might very well be the most efficient and clear way to get an answer. Johan wholly cares for others evident by his work.

As I write, I am excited about the future, furthermore I am excited to change! The best of all – I know exactly what to change and why, there is a strong goal before me and it drives me to be a better human. My addictions are starting to lose it’s grip because of pure understanding and knowledge. My hours awake have meaning and how I use them have urgency. Behavioural changes occurred from the inside out and priorities have shifted. Not because of instruction, but because of desire.

A life changing experience based on knowledge, not a person, not guilt, not fear nor laws or rules. I can honestly say, that I consider myself lucky, blessed and favoured to have come across Wholly Science. At times, the idea of the odds that I would encounter this treasure, and be open to accept it, leaves me emotional. I have experienced more healing, regeneration, connection, purpose, responsibility, and self love than ever before. In such a short time, truly remarkable.

Many days I find myself expressing gratitude, that I am able to grow in understanding and teach this to my children. Because I know this will spare them many years of self inflicting pain. I could easily write much more, but ultimately, it is up to the individual. If you can relate to my story, your freedom awaits, you are not here by accident. I sincerely hope to see many more stories in future and meet everyone here before and after me.

PS. Johan, I love your sense of humour, never stop making jokes.

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