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A young man from Canada consulted Johan Oldenkamp via a questionnaire. As the answers given to these “burning” questions might be insightful to others as well, these questions and answers are therefore published on this webpage, with permission of the client who formulated these questions and paid for these answers:

Question: Why would God (The One) create all this, knowing the consequences of this creation, which is the pain and the suffering?

Answer: The overall consciousness wants to experience it all.

Question: How does one get out of the system?

Answer: The system is an illusion. Becoming fully aware of its illusionary nature opens the exit door.

Question: If a man prays to Jesus, is he then actually praying to the sun Helios? Or is he praying for the sun Helios to give his prayer to The One or to The All?

Answer: If you ask for help on the street, you give anyone permission to help you. Jesus is an illusion. Only you can help yourself. If you ask others to help you, they might take advantage of it.

Question: If you say that man should not bother God then what is the point of Prayer to the Lord (or our Father in Heaven, i.e. the sun Helios) or the Prayer to our mother Terra, who is in the Earth?

Answer: To honor your Father and Mother is a good thing. To ask them to do your work is not good. Praying in order to honor is good. Praying in order to beg is not.

Question: Is Genesis a Sumerian account of the Annunaki’s manipulating an ape like species from earth with their own DNA to create a slave species to mine gold for their failing atmosphere on some other planet?

Answer: No, with the Anunnaki (mind the correct spelling!) the Ancient Sumerians were talking about the heavenly bodies.

Question: Is the elite obsessed with gold because they are awaiting the return of the Anunnaki for more gold?

Answer: No, this Gold Story was made up by Zecharia Sitchin, a known disinformer.

Question: Is our planet’s atmosphere failing, and is that why they are spraying chemtrails? Or is it just to poison everyone?

Answer: It is one of their measures for transforming the natural world into an artificial one. God made the natural. The “elite” want to show that they can do it better, on behalf of their demon god.

Question: If one dies and has not lived in accordance with the Commandments, where do they go?

Answer: Into the recycle bin. Next, they can “try again”.

Question: If one dies and has lived in accordance with the Commandments, where do they go?

Answer: If you free yourself before the physical death, so during your stay in this physical illusionary world, you follow your own path, also in the afterlife.

Question: Can one be alive and physically travel to Heaven via a wormhole or some other method as in the story of Enoch? Or was he taken in a spacecraft to a planet?

Answer: Remember that all of the physical “reality” is illusionary. The 7th Heaven is the very opposite of an illusion. In order to get there, you must go inside your True Self.

Question: Why don’t the “dolphin/Nommo” people come back here, and help us if they created us?

Answer: Perhaps this is all part of our final test. What good is doing a test if your teacher helps you?

Question: Do the planets have their own spirit/souls? (As stated in the Hermetic Teachings)

Answer: Yes.

Question: What stops, kills or removes Archons?

Answer: You must take command of your own thoughts, emotion, actions, and perceptions. If not, then they will stay in control. Therefore study your “machine”.

Question: When do you think World War III (WWIII) will begin? Or is it possible for it not to happen?

Answer: If humanity no longer needs it in order to become more conscious, then WWIII will have no more any function, and therefore it will not “appear”. Nothing happens without a reason.

Question: Should I be buying property and building an underground shelter with food supplies?

Answer: No, you should study your machine in order to free yourself.

Question: How did you stop paying taxes?

Answer: I cancelled my “legal person”. I told the government that I no longer required their “services”. I gave them a correspondence address, but I told them very specifically that I do not live there. Where I reside is my business, and most certainly not theirs!

Question: Do you have a driving license and a government-issued identity card, and do you use it? Or do you do it all under duress?

Answer: I inherited this from my “legal person”, and I might show it when asked nicely. Please understand that all these issued items are always property of the government. So it is, strictly speaking, never yours. When I am asked to show ‘my ID’, then I can truthfully answer that I do not ‘have’ an ID, as I do not ‘own’ it. I have it ‘in loan’.

Question: Is there a way to activate my dormant DNA?

Answer: DNA responds to how you perceive reality. How you perceive reality is a result of your level and state of consciousness.

Question: Its my theory that Noah was a family member of Enki (Anunnaki), and they knew a catastrophe was coming to earth but let everyone drown while saving Noah and collecting DNA samples in pairs to store in the boat? I’ve also heard it put that the whole Bible is an allegory and when things are going horrible in our life we are like Noah trapped in the boat waiting for the troubled waters to pass and the water is emotions your thoughts on this?

Answer: Most Biblical stories contain indeed several layers of meanings. However, Enki to me is the planet Mercury, while Noah probably refers to an enlightened group of people from 3114 BCE.

Question: Are all the Bible characters allegory/fictions?

Answer: What good will any answer to this question do for you? Why don’t you start with finding at least one meaning for each story that seems important to you? When you study this story long enough, you will be able to answer this question yourself.

Question: I’ve theorized that all the stories are talking about self mastery, our minds controlling our animal like bodies, sex, food, stimulus, entertainment, violence, emotions … and that the purpose of this whole life is to learn to get passed the 3 lower chakras of power/sex/money and get up into the heart or above chakras to attain enlightenment do you feel that as well? If so what elevates chakra power?

Answer: Again, you must study this. These chakras are antennas that transfer the received vital energy into chemical messengers (hormones). Study these hormones in yourself in order to see how mechanical your machine is actually functioning if there is too little consciousness.

Question: How can king David be described as a man after God when he did so many immoral things?

Answer: Which “god” is meant here? This is clearly not the One True God!

Question: I have heard that Adolf Hitler and others believe that there is a world within the earth and you can enter it from a cave in Antarctica. Do you know of any truth to this?

Answer: How will any answer to this question help you to become more conscious? Stories like these are created to distract you, and to make you waste your precious time in this crucial life. Below, I refer to this answer as “X”.

Question: I have heard that there are star gates on this planet. Do you know if this is true? If so where?

Answer: See previous Answer X.

Question: I have heard that dark spots in the sun allow for travel. Actually, these cold spots are worm holes that the Egyptians used to travel the universe when they had space travel and used it to get to the constellation Triangulus where they believe God lives. Do you believe this to be true?

Answer: Please understand the difference between the physical world (The Shadow World) and the metaphysical world (The Proto World). The ancient Mystery Schools used concepts from the Shadow World in order to explain the Proto World, as that is the only way to make sense to people without full understanding. Wholly Science does the very same. Again, only via inner travel you might end up in the 7th Heaven.

Question: Are angels live beings who do what Source/God tells them or what the sun tells them or are they just angels of light that come from astrology?

Answer: The Greek word ‘Angelos’ means “Messengers”, so that is what they are: bringers of information. When you receive this information, it affects you. When you become conscious of this, you can choose your own response. Otherwise, you are played by it.

Question: Who built the Pyramids? Why did they build them?

Answer: The Atlanteans built them after Atlantis disappeared in the Atlantic ocean (in 9600 BCE) as their new power plants.

Question: Who built Stonehenge? And why did they build them?

Answer: After our home planet got tilted in 3114 BCE, the Ancient Englishmen built a solar lunar stellar observatory in order to figure out the new progress of time.

Question: I heard that in Lemuria there was a merkaba that was opened and allowed negative spiritual beings from Mars to come to earth and have been causing all this strife because they are imbalanced beings who are war like. Do you think there is any truth to this?

Answer: See Answer X.

Question: If the sun reflects the 9 month birth process and the moon the menstrual cycle then you die like when the sun dies in December. Does that mean your spirit/soul hovers around for 3 days before it ? Disappears? Floats around the earth till the end of time? Travels to a different body? Gets reincarnated?

Answer: Do not talk about your Soul or your Spirit when you have no clue what they are. Your mind is NOT your Spirit, and your feelings are NOT your Soul. First study the machine, and next discover what your Soul is, and then eventually find out what your Spirit is.

Question: I read a teaching from Jesus in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible that made it sound like evil spirits when they die find a new body that is already evil and that man/woman just keeps getting more and more evil. If that’s true when evil/immoral people pass the just keep coming back here over and over until this planet will be stuffed with psychopaths? Do you think this is true?

Answer: When people become empty, it is natural that they get filled with something. For instance, when people sell their Soul (to the Devil), something else takes the place of their previous Soul. This is all part of the game. Simply wake up, or become (or stay) possessed.

Question: If the sun is Jesus why was Jesus casting demons out of men and putting them into pigs to go into the ocean? What is this all about? I heard evil spirits need to be in water?

Answer: I have not studied this myself. Sorry.

Question: I’ve heard that Lucifer is actually Venus. Do you think this is true? Or what is Lucifer?

Answer: That is true, as explained in episode 11 of Wholly Scripture TV.

Question: What is causing the Pentagram to form on Saturn? Making an eye on the bottom of the planet is it a tornado or is there a physical monolith inside of it with swirling gas about it like a device put there by something?

Answer: On the North pole, there is a permanent hexagonal shape (not a pentagram). The permanent vortex on Saturn’s south pole indeed looks like an eye, perhaps the “Eye in the Sky”. There is much more to this, but I have not figured it out yet.

Question: Why does the USA follow the shape of a pentagram it is found in nature (honey bees) but it is also a Saturn thing?

Answer: Also honeycombs are hexagonal (vertically). I do not understand the question about the USA?

Question: I went to a church study for 2 weeks. I never leave Canada. It was the first time on my own I went to the USA and during that 2 weeks I was 2 hours away from the 911 tragedy and to this day I can’t explain it. Do you have any ideas as to why? I also see 11:11 all the time on clocks and it drives me crazy.

Answer: Have you seen The Matrix (part 1)? Seeing 11:11 is like Neo who sees the back cat passing by shaking, twice. Your subconscious mind see everything. When the clock is on 11:11, your subconscious mind makes your conscious mind (or wakeful mind) to see it to. It tell you that you are starting to wake up, as your Soul (your subconscious mind) is reaching out to you. Furthermore, study yourself in any way that you can. I am a leading specialist in this field, if I may say so. Therefore, if you need any help on this, you know now that I can be of service to you again (with the same conditions).

Question: Does masturbation cause health problems or solve health problems? I’ve heard cases for both.

Answer: Most people who have sex without true love, either alone or not alone, are under the control of an energy parasite. Without fully understanding how we are played, no change for the better is possible.

Question: It is said in the Bible that if three people pray in Jesus name it will be done, yet I’ve seen many people pray for sickness (cancer) reversals and they die anyway … How can this be?

Answer: The connection of two awakened people is already extremely powerful. But connecting people who are still asleep does not do them any good. Their energies are simply taken away from them.

Question: Who is at the top? Above the popes, the Rothchilds, at the very top?

Answer: See Answer X.

Question: Is my life just one of millions of reincarnations? And it just goes on forever in this never ending purgatory?

Answer: All you know for sure is that you live now. If you want to break free, then stop wasting more precious time.

Question: Why doesn’t God create an avatar and come here and just “fix” things as no one could harm him/her/it?

Answer: Why does a teacher not do the exams of all the pupils?

Question: How can the Bible be about peace/love but have stories about jamming spikes into heads and incest? And prophets who send bears to rip children apart? And fire from heaven destroying people and God saying he enjoys the smell of burnt offerings or roasting flesh?

Answer: There are several “gods” referred to in the Bible. Each god has its own “needs”.

Question: In the story of Cain and Abel, is Abel really talking about sacrificing not a lamb but his ego while Cain offered his works. The burning of the ego was please to God as a burnt offering but the offering of Cains egoistic work was not liked?

Answer: This is explained in episode 29 of Wholly Scripture TV.

Question: Since astrology/the planets effect us and one is missing wouldn’t that in itself mess us up since it creates an imbalance?

Answer: Live always find a new balance. Also in your live people come and go. At first, this messes up the old balance, but then you always find (eventually) a new balance.

Question: If Luna was not here and Terra stood up straight would that make man less imbalanced?

Answer: The energy of Luna triggers our inner “director”. We are mostly not aware of this, but when you start to really observe yourself, you will see that we do many things unconsciously. Also animals and plants are directed by this energy. Before Luna got in her current orbit around Terra, this directing energy came from other heavenly bodies, and these energies are still coming towards us, but Luna’s energies have now the greatest impact on our subconscious decisions.

Question: Why are there so many elongated heads that are non-human found all over the world?

Answer: I cannot answers this yet. But it clearly proofs that human history is very much different than what education (which is pure indoctrination) has taught us.

Question: The Grenada Treaty talks about USA president Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 - 1969) making a treaty with aliens (the Greys). Do you believe this to be true?

Answer: As there is no evidence that backs up this (silly) claim, I consider everything related to Exopolitics to be disinformation.

Question: Is there any way to detect alien versus human? I heard that certain mothers will reject babies if they have to much RH negative in the blood? And also that the royals/elite are all RH negative?

Answer: This is total nonsense, in my opinion. Human blood either contains the rhesus factor (this is called : “rhesus positive”: Rh+) or not (this is called “rhesus negative”: Rh-). About 85% of all people are Rh+. However, in reality, there are three possibilities in the red blood cells:

Next, there are six possible parents – child distributions:

This is basic science! You could have figured this out yourself, instead of you paying me to do it for you. In any case, stop wasting your time on hearsay.

Question: If all is mind then why can’t one control matter or effect matter with their mind?

Answer: Some people can. Remember The Matrix (part 1): “There is no spoon!” You need to broadcast the right frequencies in order to affect the frequencies of the matter that you focus on. This requires practice (and perhaps the help of a skillful teacher).

Question: Jesus said that he performed miracles and those after him would do better/more. Yet I have never seen anyone raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons, fly, or use their spirit as a healing tool.

Answer: All Jesus “did” were metaphors. You come after him, and it is up to you to do it in real life (which is better/more than just a metaphor!).

Question: I heard that if you fast when the moon is in your sun sign that a Christ like oil comes from your brain and if it returns to your brain gives great healing effects, but if you smoke/sex/animal food/bad living, it destroys the oil. Do you think this is true?

Answer: It is mind over matter. Therefore, matter does not matter that much. Oil is still matter, and it is not about matter. It is about the Mind! If you think that all this is true, then you are right. But if you think otherwise, you are also right. It is your own reality that you create with your mind, whether you are conscious of this or not. If you think that fasting is good, then you should better do so once a while. But if you think otherwise, then you should better not fast at all. The same is true for sexuality. What you see (meaning what you think it is), that is what you get (meaning it is good or bad for you, according to how you see it).

Question: Why would God create dinosaurs and then kill them?

Answer: God does not create animals nor kills them. It is nature that creates creatures, and nature can also make them go extinct. However, nature can be manipulated. Humanity is becoming better in this every day. Many species have gone extinct so far, and so did the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, as we are told. But the truth is that all we know about these creatures is based on speculations, and most of it has already been disproved. What is relevant for you is that nature created your physical body, and one day nature will terminate it. All you have is the time in between in order to break free from this physical illusion.

Question: Why would God allow for man to be created then let them die in a flood? If men were evil and had to be wiped, does that mean dinosaurs likewise were evil?

Answer: Again, this was not God’s work. All God did was to create the universe (as a hierarchy of levels of consciousness) plus the principles of nature. Ever since, God is watching the “show”. Good and evil only exist in your mind. To God, these two concepts are one, as all is one to God. But in order to elevate our consciousness, we need these concepts, and we need to consciously love what is Good, and consciously reject what is evil. Otherwise, our consciousness cannot evolve.

Question: Can you give me a list of books that you think are nutrient dense with truth outside of the Bible? And is there a Bible specific year that actually has a superior translation?

Answer: You should not ask me this, but your Higher Self instead. Do you ask me what you should eat today? Your True Self needs Spiritual Food in order to grow towards your Higher Self. Only you can know what this food is. Search, and you WILL find. You are already familiar with synchronicity. Simply have trust in the Universe (or Nature, if you like) that what you need in order to “innerly” grow will come your way, no matter how unbelievable or mysterious this is. I have experienced this countless times, and I still cannot get my mind around it.

Question: What is 666? Or who?

Answer: It is a trinity of 6’s. A trinity is a completion, or a spiritual unity. To me, the 666 in the Revelations to John refer to the spiritual unity of the sixth planet of our solar system, counted inside out.

Question: Who is the false prophet?

Answer: John referred to the Saturnian priesthood.

Question: If this earth is hell, it says that the false prophet goes into hellfire. So where is that?

Answer: “Fire” is a reference to the Spiritual Reality. In this reality you can ascend (towards the 7th Heaven), but you can also descend (down in the abyss, towards the bottom of the pit, all references to the Hell). In Alchemy, Gold is up, and Lead is down. Saturn corresponds to down (the evil Devil), while the sun Helios (or Jesus) corresponds to up (towards the good God).

Question: Who or what is the 144,000?

Answer: It is a numerical reference to the 7 chakra’s, as explained in the Wholly Science Textbook.

Question: I have heard the 144,000 are cranial nerves is this an enlightenment meaning and not literal people?

Answer: The 7 chakra’s are the energetic input and output systems connected to the 7 most important endocrine glands.

Question: I’ve heard the cross is likened to a unfolded cube. Doesn’t that make the symbol of the cross a Saturn worship symbol?

Answer: When folded, a 2D cross becomes a 3D cube (if the measures are correct). To me, the Christian cross is a symbol of death, and indeed associated with Saturn. Roman Christianity is in reality a Saturnian Death Cult.

Question: Since Jesus is the Sun, is the false prophet or 666 this image of Jesus that people worship all over the world? Man with a long beard?

Answer: Jesus on the cross symbolizes the death of light-based consciousness as a sacrifice to darkness-based consciousness. The long beard can represent the sunrays of Helios, but also the old age of Saturn, also known as the Grim Reaper.

Question: If people bow to cubes, Buddha, walls, statues of Jesus, or any other intimate object is that not forbidden in the Commandments?

Answer: If you really understand the Ten Commandments, then you bow to nobody and nothing, except to the One True God Almighty.

Question: Do you know of a book that explains the math in the Bible like the amount of fish caught in the net?

Answer: These are all metaphors. Do not worry about any mathematics involved, as all numbers used in the Bible have a symbolic meaning. For instance, “Two Fish” simply means “Pisces”.

Question: There are so many mathematical coincidences in the Bible, its seems very Masonic/coded do you think the Masons have anything to do with it?

Answer: Freemasonry originated from the ancient Mystery Schools. Of course, the highest ranks were taught about many esoteric aspects described in the Bible. However, their highest “Architect” is not the One True God Almighty.

Question: I am right handed which to me means I am left-brained. How can I become more right-brained? Balanced?

Answer: Start using your other hand to. Learn to do everything equally good with both hands and both feedt. That’s something you can do, but there is much more. Train your brain to find alternative solutions, for instance.

Question: If homosexuals are not God’s will, then why is one of the planets a “hermaphrodite” and why are people both with both male and female body parts … are they born a transgression for previous sins? Or is it normal like the planet is normal? If they are to marry who do they marry a man or woman? Or are hermaphrodites a unnatural result of vaccinations ? What hope does a hermaphrodite have if they are born “evil”?

Answer: You need to distinguish the personality from your True Self. As almost everyone is fully controlled by their personality, and the personality is controlled by whatever it is fed by, like Lunar energies, or the television, or the smart phone, people can be directed in almost any direction. The “control freaks” want degenerated “humans” who can be easily controlled. Playing with personality-based sexuality is just one way for them to figure out the best approach to create super obedient “humans”. Experimenting with chemicals in food or injections is another means to the same end. Anyone who does not know how the difference between the personality and the True Self lives in a dream world, which is our self-created prison.

Question: Do you think having more than one wife is correct or wrong?

Answer: It matters what you think, because you are always right. However, it also matters if you listen to your personality or to your True Self.

Question: If a child is born in Iraq and dies from warfare and never had developed to make it to adulthood then how can they go to “hell” or be spiritually destroyed if they never even had a chance? Where does their spirit/soul go? Into a new body?

Answer: As long as you think in terms of good luck and bad luck, you do not understand how this Universe operates. Start by accepting that whatever happens, it apparently is the only just way. If you think of something as injustice, then you give the Universe your vote of no-confidence. That line of thinking is very counter-productive. Instead, use your mind to understand why it happened as it did, and what you can do to better influence a future similar situation. And furthermore, do not mind other people’s business. You live this life in order to mind your own business.

Question: If a child is born into Iraq to die from warfare why would God father/mother earth allow for innocents to die in vain why not just make the mothers barren?

Answer: That is not your business.

Question: How can I get my 3rd eye to function best?

Answer: You hopefully mean: “How can I activate my pineal gland?” Have you tried Spirulina?

Question: My dad killed himself after my mother died, where did he go? Where did my mother go … died of cancer?

Answer: You need to understand the difference between Spirit, Soul and (Physical) Body. The Bodies of your parents went back to Mother Terra (our home planet). This is the “Ashes to ashes” part. Also the Soul returns (after also disintegration) to where it came from. This is the “Dust to dust” part (from Genesis 3:19), as the Soul is made of Star Dust. Only by connection our consciousness with the Spirit, we can gain Aethernal Life. All ‘Near Death Experiences’ are based on the Soul, as it takes a while before the Soul also ‘dies’, after the physical death. By going to the Light, the Soul goes to the Recycle Station. However, as you create your own reality, your parents are still “alive” in your inner world every time you remember them. I am very skeptical about having contact with deceased people. I suspect that inorganic beings called “Archons” can pretend to be whomever we want to contact, and next they tells us exactly what we want to hear, as they can read our Subconscious Mind. The same is true for all “channeling”.

Question: What is the sin against the Holy Spirit that is unforgivable?

Answer: Please skip the word ‘holy’ from your dictionary, as it means ‘full of holes’. Only by connecting with the Spirit, a man can become a Wholly Man. That is why the Spirit is also known as the Wholly Spirit. In order to do so, we must first become one with our Soul. This requires the integration of the Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind. This turns the Subconscious Mind (a.k.a. the Soul) into an obedient servant of the Conscious Mind. The true purpose of Spirituality is not only to take this first step, but also to take the second step, which turns the Conscious Mind into an obedient servant of the Superconscious Mind (a.k.a. the Spirit). Therefore, anyone who “sells” his Soul to the “devil” is irreparably wasting the possibility of genuine spiritual development. This cannot be undone or “forgiven”. In other words, when the connection with the Soul is gone, the “game” in this life is over. As then the Star Dust is recycled, there is no next life either. However, people can inherent (unconscious) memories of previous lives, but that is due to the recycle process.

Question: The two stone tablets Charleston Heston holds in the movie in paleo Hebrew translate to “Enki” being the lord, does that mean the old testament God who was jealous and always angry with his “chosen” people was Enki protecting his bloodline?

Answer: If you think that Hollywood movies are reliable sources fro you to build your “house” upon, then you should not have consulted me. Hollywood movies are made to brainwash you, but if you have eyes to see, you can still learn a lot from these productions. If you want to learn the truth about Enki, then read the Enuma Elish yourself, freely available on the internet. Its full text in English is also in my ebook plus video titled ‘Chronicles of the Gods - On Mythology and Cosmology’. And if your want to understand the God (or gods) of the Old Testament of the Bible, then either read the most original version of these books, which is the Septuagint (a.k.a. as “LXX”). However, the available English translations of this version are not always correct. For a correct translation you can subscribe to Wholly Scripture TV, which also explains these texts based on Wholly Science.

Question: Jonas went into the belly of a whale for 3 days and lived what is the real meaning of this. If I went into a blue wale’s stomach, I would suffocate and die. The 3 days sounds just like the 3 days of December 22, 23, 24, and raised on 25th.

Answer: I have not researched this text, but I can assure you that this is also a metaphor.

Question: If God is against witchcraft and sorcery then why was Moses and Aron shape-shifting rods in front of the Pharaoh? Isn’t that witchcraft/sorcery?

Answer: None of these stories were historical accounts. They were either fiction or metaphoric explanation. Simply do your own research. Search, and you will find!

Question: If God is pro peace why were Samson’s eyes removed, and why did he kill a whack load of Philistines? How is killing men with the body parts of a animal considered holy or virtuous?

Answer: For both, see previous answer.

Question: Does the story of Gilgamesh have similarities to Moses as a baby being found by a Queen? I heard a story that a Queen actually slept with a man she wasn’t supposed to then put her own baby to drift, so she could say it was orphaned when really it was her own, and she didn’t want the Pharaoh to know she was sleeping around.

Answer: Also see previous answer.

Question: How is Joshua using trumpets to destroy cities and why? Is this really all about chakras?

Answer: Maybe.

Question: In Genesis God says in the day you eat of that tree you will die, the snake said otherwise yet we are here so God lied and the snake was telling the truth? How can this be?

Answer: This is explained in full in episode 28 of Wholly Scripture TV.

Question: What type of astrology is correct? Western or East Indian? In different astrologies, I am different signs.

Answer: It does not matter which method you use to get to know your energies. I use seven different methods, each giving a different picture. In total, I have led ten Wholly Science Weeks in which all participants get to these different energy pictures of themselves. The purpose of all this is to gain self-knowledge. This enables you to tell you what you are NOT! The moment you recognize a part of yourself (behavior or energy), then you can become conscious of the fact that this is what you HAVE, and therefore it is not what you ARE. Any good self-knowledge method brings you further to your core. And when this journey inwards is completed, then you become reborn as a Wholly Man who is connected with his Spirit.

Question: Why are the Masons obsessed with laying out geometric shapes in the road systems?

Answer: Freemasonry is infiltrated and ever since serves the agenda of the Satanic Control Freaks. They know that the only real form of control is Mind Control. You can only understand their strategy and tactics form this point of perspective.

Question: My brother is Aquarius and my old girlfriend is Capricorn does that mean they are both full of Satanic qualities? If so what hope is there for them? They both seem obsessed with material wealth/money and power to me.

Answer: Anyone receives the energies of all seven celestial bodies. Also in your birth chart, Saturn is in a Sign and a House. If you want to learn more about this, then read the ebook ‘Solar Year Astrology - The Wholly Science Guide To The Sumerian Zodiac’.

Question: Why does the donkey in the Bible talk?

Answer: Only humans can talk, silly. No animal can. Search, and you will find.

Question: It says one angel destroyed a whole army? If angels are just angels of light how does an angel destroy an army of men? Or is it talking about something else like 1 angel can destroy bad thoughts or something else?

Answer: The physical world is just a reflection (or shadow) of the energetic world on the other side of the Veil. One determined conscious force in the energetic world is more powerful than thousands of spiritually unconscious people in the shadow world.

Question: In the Story of Jesus one of his disciples went to cut off the ear of a officer. Jesus heals the officers ear and says that is not the way (attacking the man/self defense) If you look to nature all the animals have a natural self defense horns, claws, flight, super hearing (senses) yet it seems like man is ordered to not offer any self defense in this case.

Answer: You HAVE a physical body, but this is not what you ARE. This is just another clever story to guide you towards the Truth. What is the purpose of an ear? Do you have an ear to hear? Most people not. Not now, and neither 2000 years ago. Jesus can help you to really listen. Not just with your physical ear, but with your Spiritual Ear. The character of Jesus can live in your inner life if you want him to. This was true 2000 years ago, and it is still true. If you get this, then I have healed your ear just as Jesus does in this Spiritual story from the Evangelion (literally: ‘Good Message’, or better: ‘The Message of the Good’).

Question: If God hated Pharaoh, then why slay the newborns why not just kill Pharaoh and be done with it?

Answer: God does no murder. Only Satan-worshipping humans do this.

Question: Why would Pharaoh chase anyone into an ocean that split apart? My first thought would be to flee from it, and not to run into it.

Answer: Your first thought is not good enough. Think again. And now know that this was not a historical event.

Question: What is the obsession with foreskins in the Bible? Was that just Enki’s way of identifying his bloodline?

Answer: I think that this is about hygiene. I found for myself a better solution to this then surgery. Again, search and you will find.

Question: Who is Yahweh versus Jehovah versus Elohim versus Enki versus Yesuwa versus Joshua versus Lucifer? Are these names the same or all different beings? Can you give me a big character name list and who they actually represent? Jesus is the sun Helios?

Answer: This is all explained in ‘Chronicles of the Gods - On Mythology and Cosmology’. These gods are the seven celestial bodies that we can see wandering by in front of the Zodiac. Enki is always Mercury, and Jesus is the personification of Helios. YHWH mostly represents Luna, but sometimes also Saturn, and occasionally even Jupiter. These are all “Lords”, and there addressed as “The Lord”. There is much more to say about this, but then we must explain all religions and all mythology. This takes several books.

Question: Why does God allow Job to be brought down to nothing then restore him with a new family? Was Job a fiction?

Answer: Yes, the story of Job was a fiction. No, the story of Job was not a fiction. Which answer you like best? The truth is that you are Job, and so am I. And the real question concerns God. Is God a fiction to you. Believing in God is believing in your our fictitious idea of what you think God is. That just keeps you living in a dream world. Only by completely wiping out this dreamed reality, Job (you, me) might finally wake up Spiritually, and break free from the illusionary physical reality. Nothing in the physical world is real! Remember the Matrix (if you have eyes to see and ears to hear). Eventually, you might start to see that only God is real!

Question: Is casting lots a good or bad thing? If so what is it? Rolling dice and looking for answers to questions?

Answer: If people are not clever enough to figure this reality out for themselves, then what to do? Everybody wants answers, and they want them right now. But what about searching yourself in order to find them? People who are too lazy to search themselves will never find the Truth. However, there are plenty of ways in which they get exactly the answers they wanted to hear. What you see is what you get (as stated before). This illusionary physical reality is exactly what you want it to be, consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously. That is also why Mind Control has so much power.

Question: I’ve heard Christ dies at Golgotha, meaning the mind is that just in reference to the Christ oil never returning to the brain?

Answer: And I also know who told you this. Please tell me about your own research. What did you do to investigate this yourself? And what were the results that you found?

Question: If all is allegory, then what is the point of the lions’ den story with Daniel?

Answer: Are you afraid of the police, or the government? Neither these “lions” can hurt you if you have a consciousness like the one of Daniel.

Question: Why is Jesus getting money out of fishes mouths?

Answer: Why do you want to know? Are you looking for a new way to make a living?

Question: Is there free will if God prefigured everything from the foundation of this world? The names written in the Lamb’s book of life?

Answer: If you watch a tap slowly dripping, you can see each drop slowly growing, and you know that at a certain moment it will fall down. Eventually, we will all come home to God. Some take a little longer than others. But sooner or later, we all want to quit the process of being recycled. Perhaps you think that you now know what I mean, but then think of who we really ARE. What is the ‘I’ that wants to come home to God? And is there still an ‘I’ once we are back home with God? What your current ‘I’ does in this physical world is fully up to you. So, yes, here in this physical existence, we all have a free will. But when you start to develop spiritually, then you will become aware of the difference between your current idea of your Self (your self-image) and the true nature of your Self (your True Self). Only your True Self is able to eventually connect with your Higher Self (a.k.a. Spirit). And the Spirit has will of its own, as the Spirit obeys the Will of God. “Not my will, but Thy Will be done!”

Question: Where specifically is heaven? I have heard its in outer space I have heard it is in your mind once it’s balanced and virtuous.

Answer: There are seven Heavens. The lowest of these Heavens is the physical reality that we perceive, also known as “Earth”. Spiritual development always starts from the Earth, and ends in the Seventh Heaven. As the Evangelion tells you, this Kingdom of God (a.k.a. the Kingdom of the Heavens) is within you. Therefore, no spaceship can take you to this Kingdom. And if you think that reaching it only requires your mind to be balanced and virtuous, then you are still living in a dream world. Reaching Heaven Number 7 is hard work, because you must strip down yourself to your very core. This is very confronting and discomforting. We all live within our own self-made-up physical reality. Breaking free from that illusion, especially breaking free from our self-image in that fictitious world, is by far the most difficult task.

Question: What does eating a fruit have to do with becoming conscious?

Answer: You are what you eat. If you eat animals, you are an animal. If you eat dead food, you become more dead. Eating fruits does not disturb the plant that produced them. But also here: search and you will find. Start your own scientifically controlled investigation. Find out what each piece of food (both solid and liquid) does to your body and your consciousness.

Question: If the world dies in a flood, does that mean it ends with a flood? As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the end?

Answer: Why worry about the world? Make sure that your current life is not wasted!

Question: Is there an end? Or does this cycle just goes on forever? Until all the stars lose their light?

Answer: A wasted life has a definite end: first the physical body, and next also the Soul (a.k.a. Astral Body) dies. In both cases, they have lost their “light”. Only when you have connected in time with your True Light, your current “I” stays alive. Again, why worry about the stars up there. Worry instead of the star in here (meaning within you).

Question: Are the characters in the Bible real people or all fictional, as they all have no last names?

Answer: Giving people last names was introduced in Europe by Napoleon (a puppet of the Jesuits) in order to better control people. So, that has nothing to do with it. The point is: why do you want to know this? Does this really matter? What was the best literature book that your have read? Was it fiction or non-fiction? The only thing that matters is what you can learn from these stories. So, focus on the content of these stories. What is it they try to tell you? To me, they are all fiction, but that is actually not relevant.

Question: If the sun is alive/conscious, then why did it not protect the Mithrians from slaughter?

Answer: Everything happens for a reason. Any truly conscious being will not interfere with these reasons. Simply allow everything to follow its natural course. That is all.

Question: Why do evil men/woman always seem to win?

Answer: Define “winning”. Winning in the material world equals loosing the Spiritual World.

Question: What does a supreme Creator seem unable to protect those who are advocating for it from Saturn Worshipers? Despite all the recommendations for death sentences in the Old Testament.

Answer: What did I tell you about the behavior of any truly conscious being?

Question: Like if a evil man/woman goes to strike one of Gods virtuous people why doesn’t the evil man/woman die before they get the chance?

Answer: Everything someone gives will also be received, one way or the other, sooner or later. What goes around, comes around. You do not have to worry about this. In the end, there is always Divine Justice.

Question: When it says the angels are the reapers what does that mean? Angels are planets? Real beings?

Answer: You and me are also reapers. We all reap what we have sown. This is true in each Heaven, meaning, for instance, for both humans and celestial beings.

Question: Is the real harvest during the golden age? Does God come and reap the golden age people because they have found enlightenment?

Answer: I think that the stories about the End Times are true, meaning that the “show” in this physical reality will end when the time is right, according to the Divine Plan. As no man knows when this “thief in the night” might come, we must be “awake” (meaning Spiritually) in order to not be surprised by it. However, in order to not waste our current lives, we also must Spiritually wake up. Therefore, do not worry about these End Times Prophecies either. Just worry about your own Spiritual development.

Question: Physically and we all just reincarnate until then?

Answer: Reincarnation is a dream word. It is actually an euphemism for ‘recycling’.

Question: What is the apocalypse? Why is it necessary?

Answer: Apocalypse is Greek for ‘Revelation’. Without having this revelation, people continue living in a dream world.

Question: Why speak in Parables and not just be plain?

Answer: It is not about the plain world. It is about the world beyond the physical illusion. How can you explain this Spiritual world to people who only know the physical projection of it?

Question: If this is a holograph where is it coming from?

Answer: From the Proto World, as explained in Wholly Science.

Question: Can a man create something by meditating on it and magnetizing it to himself? Thoughts become reality? If so why are so many peoples’ realities so horrible?

Answer: We all create our own reality. If you are not aware of this, you create mostly whatever is in your subconscious mind (like fears, pain, and all other sorts of negativity). We are born to this reality in order to let us become masters of our own creational processes. The Global Control Freaks know this, and use every trick from the book to make us not to develop our own consciousness. They do this so that they can continue with their creation in this physical reality, by manipulating the creational energies of all ignorant people (i.e. the mass).

Question: If Satan/evil spirits are on this planet why don’t they jump into insects or animals and attack people, surely it would be easier to posses a insect then a man?

Answer: The real war is about consciousness, as that is the only real “thing”. The rest is simply illusionary. Possessing the consciousness of animals is far less ‘rewarding’ than possessing the consciousness of humans. You might have read that we humans were made in the image of God (or gods). That is not true for animals. This means that humans can become gods, meaning ‘conscious creators’. However, this potential can also be abused, making humans create ‘horror’ and ‘terror’. This is indeed a very sick game, but is part of the Overall Divine Plan. Eventually, this abuse of human consciousness will trigger us to wake up. Just as 9/11 triggered me to wake up. Everything happens for a reason. And that is also why you asked these questions to me. These answers are now created. And the reason for this might very well go way beyond you and me. Anyway, I do hope that these answers may inspire you to develop your own Spirituality. But please do not believe any of these answers! It is your task to find your truth. If have shared my truth. Hopefully it is according to The Truth, but that is now for you to discover!

These answers were originally written down in 2017, between September 7th and November 3rd.


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