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Exposing The Master Plan For Desouling Humanity


In the video interview embedded below, Dietrich Klinghardt (1950) explains that, in a healthy human body, the pineal gland is the most sensitive part of the nervous system. However, as already predicted by Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925), the proper functioning of this most sensitive endocrine gland has been systematically degenerated by the combination of aluminum, glyphosate, fluoride, and electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency. Glyphosate combines strongly to aluminum and fluoride to lodge in the pineal gland (and also the thyroid), with devastating effects. Next, low-GHz electromagnetic radiation weakens the blood brain barrier, making it more porous so that these harmful substances can reach the brain.

This explanation completes the global picture of what has been done to us in recent decades:

The Four Pillars of The Master Plan for Desouling Humanity

These are the four pillars of a daemonic plan cooked up by the control freaks. Also their control of mainstream “health” care, “food” production, and university-based “science” (actually scientism) is part of this master plan. These control freaks have sold their own soul to the Devil, and now they want also the rest of humanity to lose the connection with their soul as well. To achieve this, highly-advanced mind control programs have been rolled out via both mainstream media and alternative media (as controlled opposition). To enhance this, the above mentioned four pillars disconnect all brainwashed people from the metaphysical reality.

The true purpose of our lives is to upgrade ourselves from an ordinary human to an extraordinary Human. This can only be done by consciously connecting with first our Soul, and next with our Spirit, as only an extraordinary Human is a trinity of Body, Soul, and Spirit.

An ordinary human being and an extraordinary Human Being

Since many centuries, the field of Spirituality has been polluted with ignorant nonsense and deliberate lies. That is why nowadays hardly anyone knows the essential difference between the Soul and the Spirit.

The plan for global domination by the control freaks is as daemonic as it is advanced. Without proper guidance, no one can become an extraordinary Human. Surely, detoxing will do you good, but you require systematic re-education to gradually break free from all sorts of mind control. Luckily for you, the Wholly Science Education Program has been developed. It consists of five Levels of video-recorded online presentations supported by e-books.

If you want to know what your true life purpose is, and also realize this, then start today with studying Wholly Science by ordering its Education Program. Remember that it is no coincidence that you are reading this right now, so it is time for action! Or do you want these freaks to control you?

This news item was originally written on Thursday 2019 October 31 by Wholly Science founder Johan Oldenkamp.

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