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How to deal with this crisis

After reading this article for only 5 minutes, you will know!

Crisis implies both threat and opportunity!

The Chinese word for ‘crisis’ consists of two characters. We can transcribe the first character as wei, which means ‘danger’ or ‘threat’. The second character, we can transcribe to the English language as tee, which means ‘opportunity’. The adjacent image shows these two characters in Simplified Chinese. So it is ingrained in the Chinese language (or rather languages) that every crisis is not only a threat, but also an opportunity. How do you view the current crisis? Is it a threat to you? Or do you also see an opportunity in this?

Since I have been claiming, for many years now, that I know a lot about everything, I have recently been receiving more and more questions about how best to deal with the current situation. Let me start by emphasizing that this crisis is much more an opportunity than a threat. This chance enables us to realize more than ever before that everything revolves around our consciousness. It is therefore important that we expand and raise our consciousness. Despite what is often stated, this ascension is only possible by investing in your knowledge. Anyone who claims otherwise is nothing but a deceptive liar. For this matter, the alternative deceptions are possibly even greater than in the mainstream deception. That is why I have also been insisting for many years on the metaphor of building one’s own house on rock, after everything previously built on quicksand has been thoroughly annihilated. However, this is easier said than done, as I know only too well from my own experience.

Starting all over again is never nice. After all, it seems that all of the past has been in vain, but this is untrue. The past experiences help you to do it much faster now. In addition, you can now also much better separate wheat from chaff, and you therefore lose less time going in wrong directions. But you will have to do it all by yourself. We have been brainwashed through the regular education system to assume that others will answer the difficult questions for us. However, when it comes to genuine development of consciousness, this can only be achieved by everyone themselves. Let yourself be inspired (and not least by my life’s work), but know that you can only do it yourself!

Many people are concerned about their health because of the pandemic declared within the mainstream world. But none of these concerned people really know what health is, and that includes also the regular “experts”, to whom they so easily submit themselves. That is why they also use the word ‘patient’, from the Latin word patientia, which means ‘patience’. Without real knowledge, the patient has to wait patiently whether the treatment performed by the “expert” has the desired effect. For the sake of clarity, these regular “experts” have been taught in medicine, which is the area of expertise that deals with suppressing disease symptoms with pharmaceuticals. It is a (yet another) misleading lie to describe this area as “health care”, because suppressing disease symptoms is quite contrary to genuine health fostering through true healing (which is always natural!).

Because all words related to ‘health’ have been violated by regular “health” care, health fostering based on Wholly Science has been renamed as Salveology (literally: the Science of being Well). In fact, this is the new health paradigm within the new science paradigm (of Wholly Science). There is still a lot of work to be done here, but this can only be done by real experts who have built their house on rock.

The central pillar of Wholly Science consists of the hierarchy of six scientific core disciplines: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality. Because every expert in each of these disciplines has to build their own house on rock, everyone will have to start from scratch. And do not think that we would have already acquired sufficient knowledge in secondary school about these first three scientific core disciplines, because for centuries now, that curriculum has been based on numerous incorrect assumptions. Here too, we will have to do it ourselves by really starting all over again. And only when one has mastered the essential principles within each of these six scientific core disciplines, only then one can begin to study Salveology.

Hopefully, you known by now that mainstream health care has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical industry. Regular treatments may temporarily make you less sick, but certainly not permanently better, because only the body itself heals, without the disruption by pharmaceuticals. However, almost all alternative “experts” have not built their house on rock either. Anyone who is concerned with the health of others and who does not at least know the scientific truth about the world of cell biology is in my view at least a bungler, and in most cases a plain criminal. There are also a striking number of “experts” in alternative and complementary health care who blindly follow a pioneer, without having themselves the required basic health-related knowledge. In the land of the blind, they are only too happy to assume the role of King One-eye, with all its disastrous consequences. Whoever therefore switches from mainstream to alternative health care, all too often jumps out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Why am I writing all this? Well, because this crisis offers you the chance to take down your current rickety house, and build a rock-solid house instead. This ‘house’ is a metaphor for one’s own understanding of reality. If you want to become or remain healthy, then you must have true knowledge about it. Please understand that you, and you alone, are responsible for your own health. If you submit (meaning: surrender) yourself to regular “experts”, whether or not under coercion by the government, the consequences will be for you, and you alone. In that case, the only one to blame is yourself.

Yes, but, Johan, what is really going on in the world? Is this a Chinese master plan to take over the entire planet? Or is this a demonic game of the global control freaks to get everyone vaccinated so they can realize their New World Order (by pushing their divide and conquer strategy even further)? And what does the roll-out of this new (fifth) generation of telecommunication technology (5G) have to do with all this? Is it true that (almost) all global governments voluntarily participate in this by committing economic suicide in their own country? In addition, there are many more such questions to ask. The internet, and YouTube in particular, is currently buzzing with alternative views of what is currently happening. And that is of course very understandable, because we as humanity have never experienced this before (as far as we know).

About two decades ago, the sudden events on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 have irreversibly changed our common reality. But that was child’s play compared to what is now happening. The freedoms and rights of ordinary people are increasingly diminished for their own “safety”. We have exchanged a visible enemy (namely Islamic terrorists) for an invisible enemy (namely a life-threatening virus). But anyone who dares to investigate all this impartially will discover that in both cases this enemy exists almost exclusively in our own brainwashed mind. And whoever has to deal with a life-threatening enemy in real life, then this enemy has in all cases been created by human intervention. From the point of view of all mankind, then, humanity is therefore to blame for this.

In short, this crisis is your chance! Do not waste this precious time, and start today with the Wholly Science Education Program, or continue with it. And if you want to be less financially dependent, invest then as soon as possible in a unique initiative. Withdraw your savings from the bank, because there your money will yield (almost) nothing to you. Instead, let your money work for you, because that work (by the invested money) can continue unabated. The initiative I am referring to is doing better than ever before in this economic crisis. Do you want to take advantage of that, or do you prefer to wait for better times? And once you have more money to spend, you can invest even more in your knowledge, so that your awareness can grow even further. The knife then cuts on both sides. Contact me if this is what you want for yourself too.

Therefore, invest now! Invest both in your knowledge of Wholly Science and in more financial freedom. In case you decide not do this now, don’t claim later that you wouldn’t have known this. Deep down inside, you already know what to do right now. Well, then do it!

I conclude with a request to you: Would you please share this article with everyone dear to you. Send them this link, or share it on Facebook or Twitter. I thank you in advance for that. Together we can make a difference!

This news item, written on Sunday 2020 April 5 by all-round scientist Dr. Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Spanish, German, and Dutch.

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